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Seychelles Black Parrot monitoring programme starts again

parrotThe SIF (Seychelles Islands Foundation) Seychelles Black Parrot (Coracopsis barklyi) seventh breeding season monitoring programme has started. The programme has been running since 2009.

Once again the team will be monitoring the breeding success of the black parrot to build up a long-term picture of the reproductive behaviour and success of this endemic bird.

The research under this programme has been conducted by several members of Vallée de Mai staff in previous years and this year is no different. Black parrot expert and Vallée de Mai Ranger Terence Payet once again leads the team and he is ably assisted by field research assistant Mariette Dine, fieldworker Tessa Anthanase, volunteers Indra Behren and Brian Souyana, a recently graduated student of the School of Advanced Level Studies (Sals).

The team have been looking for potential or active nest sites that the black parrots may use. The parrots prefer to nest in the trunks of dead coco de mer trees although nests have also been recorded in other tree species such as Palmis.

The areas covered by the team are the same as the previous season which are the Vallée de Mai, Fond Peper, Praslin National Park, Glacis Noire, Fond Ferdinand and Zimbabwe where they intend to compare the breeding activity of the bird. These are areas that have been actively used by the Seychelles Black Parrot for nest sites in previous years.

During the search a number of potential nest sites have been tagged and will be monitored for nesting activity throughout the season. Many of the parrots already have a pale beak and are vocalising their breeding calls which indicate they are ready to breed. So far no eggs have been found.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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