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Seychellois youths prefer VIBES among SBC programmes

sbcThe musical programme VIBES aired monthly by the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) television seems to be the preferred programme among young people while the National Assembly deliberations came out as the least preferred one.

According to a media survey carried out last year, 4,145 respondents out of a total of 5,878 said they preferred the VIBES programme while the National Assembly deliberations  emerged as the least preferred one with a total of 764 likes.

The survey, organised by the Seychelles national Youth Council (SNYC), was carried out in July and August last year with youths aged between 11-21 years old, generally from secondary schools.

The deputy chief executive of the SNYC Alvin Laurence presented the results of the survey in a short ceremony held last week at the Seychelles Institute of Teachers’ Education (Site) auditorium.

A total number of 5,878 students took part in the survey with 53% female and 47% male participation. The age group specified by the respondents were 54% between 11 to 15 years; 24.4 % claiming to be 16 to 21 and 22% did not specify their age group.

Mr Laurence said the prime objective of the survey was to identify the most preferred SBC programmes of the youths.
Other components investigated were the viewing of the SBC’s news bulletin, other possible sources of information and the apparatus the youths were using to obtain their information.

“This is part of the strategic plan of the SNYC, to research and get informed results so that we can base our decisions on them. It is very important to us because it helps in the allocation of resources when we are to mediatise our various programmes and also know at which time exactly we are to go out there to get our message across to the young people,” said Mr Laurence.

alvinThis exercise is the second one carried out by the council in terms of research. The first one was about the ‘Values for One, Values for All’ programme which was carried out earlier this month. But this one was a mini survey just to indicate whether the council was on the right track. Most youths were aware of this programme but they better understood its objectives through the written press.

To elaborate on the findings of the survey, it was revealed that Telenovela came out second as the most preferred programme; Senaryo Alternativ third, SBC News fourth, films fifth, Magazin Sports sixth, Documentaries seventh, Bonzour Sesel eighth, Senm Laglwar ninth, Dyalog An Direk tenth and National Assembly eleventh.

One thousand five hundred and seventy (1,570) claimed to be watching the news everyday compared to 819 claiming not to watch the news at all. Sunday is the day of the week that the respondents (1,134) are most likely to miss the news, followed by Saturday with 1,016.

Thursday is the day that the majority is watching the news as only 492 considered it as a potential day of missing the news.
A majority of 58%, of the respondents watching the news agreed that their main reason was because they like to be informed. 19% claimed that they were obliged to watch it, 16 stated it was part of their routine, while the remaining 7% did not specify their answer.

Reasons for not watching SBC news are that it is boring (1,317), 253 said they were busy while 1,287 did not say anything about it. 1,571 watch NEWS EXTRA, 326 sometimes and 2,408 not at all.
Two thousand one hundred and nine sometimes watch WEATHER FORECAST, 766 all the time while 1,045 do not watch.

As for other sources of information, 1,179 listen to SBC Radio News; 1,877 Pure FM Radio and 1,162 social media. Regarding social media, 2,402 prefer Facebook; 304 Twitter and 678 YouTube.
Apparatus being used to access social media are mobile phone (1,965); laptop or notebook (1,724); desktop computer (1,125) and tablet (1,075).
The presentation will also be held in schools on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

The presentation was carried out during the Information Communications Technology (ICT) week and saw the presence of high officials from the department of ICT.

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