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SNYC honours exceptional women from Bel Air district


Ten outstanding women from the district of Bel Air have been rewarded by the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC).

A ceremony to honour these women took place last week at the Bel Air  district administration and community centre in the presence of the chief executive (CEO) of SNYC Alvin Laurence, district administrator Alexandrine Zelia, among other guests.

The group of women who were honoured are serving and protecting our country through the various units of the defence and police forces including one from the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency.

The ceremony formed part of the International Women’s Day that was celebrated on March 8.

Imelda Weleefred, who has served 35 years overall, said she started working in 1981 where she was employed in the army, then she moved to the Seychelles National Guard where she served for 13 years and finally moved to SSU (Special Support Unit).

“You need to have determination, work hard to be able to serve for 35 years. You need to have a goal in life, know what you want to achieve and follow your dream. I will work until I retire,” she said.

CEO Laurence said the award ceremony recognises the women who have made sacrifices to serve and protect the country and keep us safe. Those women from the police force, the Seychelles Coast Guard, and the Seychelles Brass Band have achieved so much in life, and today SNYC has decided to reward them,” Mr Laurence said.

The women who were rewarded are Danielle Desnousse, Margaret Lawen, Ramia Nicholas, Lucie Aglae, Tamara Maria, Wilete Faure, Sabrina Moustache, Ineese Hertel, Bettina Labonte.

“Women have achieved a lot in Seychelles, and each woman who has succeeded has got a man behind her to push her forward,” DA Zelia said.

The certificates were presented by Mr Laurence and Ms Zelia.

A cake was cut at the end of the ceremony to mark the occasion.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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