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South Korean eye camp – Good vision for the people

2koreaSixty patients undergo specialised eye surgery  

BriefEye World (BE World), a private ophthalmology firm based in South Korea, is carrying out a three-day eye camp surgery on 60 Seychellois patients at the Seychelles Hospital.

The eye camp surgical procedures are being jointly undertaken by Dr Jong Wook Kim, chief executive of BE World and Dr Roland Barbé, the acting Consultant-in-Charge of the Eye Clinic.

During the camp, training and transfer of ophthalmology skills to Seychellois doctors will also be provided.

Different types of surgery are being carried out like cataract surgery, intraocular lens implant, fluorescent angiography, phaco eye and Pars Plana Vitrectomy (PPV) surgery.

The team is accompanied by a television crew from the MBC TV Network, a South Korean private broadcasting station, who are producing a documentary on the goodwill work being done by BE World in Seychelles.

After the surgery the patients will be followed up by the Seychelles eye clinic which can contact BE World if there is a need.

3koreaLed by Dr Jong Wook Kim, the Korean team comprises five other members – Seugi Gim, Mi Suk Kim, Seunghyun Jin, Ohjae Kim and Hoseok Lee.

During their visit to Seychelles, the BE World team will also donate opthamology equipment and books to the Eye Clinic at the Seychelles Hospital. The team is on its second visit to Seychelles.

Giving more details on his mission in Seychelles, Dr Kim said his non-profitable organisation is providing its know-how to the Seychellois doctors so they can do the surgery themselves.

Regarding BE World, Dr Kim said it teaches or helps local eye doctors around the world.

He described Seychelles as a politically stable and peaceful place and BE World wants to make Seychelles a training hub for African countries in eye care.

“After the surgery the same follow-ups we normally give to our patients will also be provided to these patients. So we are going to take care of the follow-up. Should there be any complication, we are in direct contact with Dr Kim from BE World so we can discuss the cases,” said Dr Barbé.

Elaborating on the procedure of selecting patients, Dr Barbé said the Seychelles eye clinic already has a list of patients needing such surgery. The operation normally lasts about 10 minutes and within the space of thirty minutes after the surgery the patients can go home. If anything develops at home they can come for check but normally the eye clinic offers a check-up the morning after the operation.

The Seychelles eye clinic has received previous eye care assistance before such as from the Lions Club of Seychelles, Freemasons, just to name a few.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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