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Special recruitment fair for young school leavers

studentA special recruitment fair is being organised on January 7 and 8, 2016 for graduates from post-secondary or professional centres.

The fair will be held at Care House next to Freedom Square from 9am to 3pm.

According to Veronique Bresson, principal secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development, this recruitment fair is like no ordinary job fair.

“The ministry usually organises a job fair at the end of February but these young adults have finished school since last year and they cannot sit around and wait until next month to start applying for a job. So we are organising the recruitment fair just for the graduates specifically under the ‘My First Job’ scheme.

This time around the ministry has gathered and compiled all available vacancies which the young graduates can apply for on the spot, compared to a job fair where it is the employer who has to come forward and it has a national appeal where anyone looking for a job can apply.

“At the moment we have 127 organisations or employers who have sent us their vacancies, and this number is still coming in as we speak. However that does not mean that there are 127 jobs available as some employers are looking for up to 100 recruits,” she said.

She said that her ministry has already registered the graduates and the employers taking part in the ‘My First Job’ scheme but she is urging those who have not been able to do so to please come forward.

She is asking all graduates who finished school last year to come and apply for the vacant posts that appeal to them preferably in the field they have studied but they can also do so in any other field from finance, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, among others.

She also noted that the graduates will be able to apply for more than one vacancy as that increases their chances and opportunities.

They must bring along necessary documents such as identification cards (ID), certificates, references and/or curriculum vitae (CV).

During those two days graduates will be able to talk to officers from the ministry who will be taking applications for various vacancies compiled by the ministry from the various organisations and employers.

On Praslin and La Digue the recruitment fair will be held only on Friday January 8, 2015 at the same time at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development at Baie Ste Anne (on Praslin) and La Passe (La Digue).

There will also be officers present from the Small Business Financing Agency (SBFA), Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa) and Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) to help graduates wanting to start their own business under the scheme.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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