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Stakeholders meet to discuss road safety

tranandreVarious stakeholders attended the second and most probably the final round of discussions to finalise ideas for the Seychelles Road Safety Policy.

The policy formulation process kicked off with a first workshop in September 2015.

Having signed the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 in Africa, it is important for Seychelles to honour its commitment and move forward to improve road safety.

The preparation of the Road Safety Policy will bring more cohesion among partners to find collective solutions to address road safety issues in Seychelles.

“After discussing the statistics of road traffic fatalities, we clearly established why the time is now for us to act. Seychelles strive to move with the world especially when there is a clear opportunity for our betterment. Moreover, fatalities are not mere statistics but they are felt by the whole nation. A family who suffers the loss of a child is not only felt by the family but it is felt by all of us. We need to curb down the statistics to zero fatalities and we need to start now,” stated the principal secretary for transport, Patrick Andre.

He also noted that “the contributions from all our partners are greatly valued by my department. We do however acknowledge that this issue does not only concern key partners but extends to everyone. From the contributions we received in the last session, we have fine-tuned the first draft touching topics like parking facilities, vehicle weight control, vehicle licence and registration, training and driving instructors, transportation infrastructure in general, child passenger safety, education about safety and other relevant topics. Achieving safer roads is not an easy task and our mission has a lot to do with changing the mindset of our road users and hopefully at the end of today we will have a starting point for this mission.”

The Global Plan for the decade has five major pillars: road safety management; safer roads and mobility; safer vehicles; safer road users and post care response. The draft policy states that: “With the aim of improving road safety in Seychelles, the government has seen the importance of developing a more comprehensive road safety policy based on the above five pillars as well as the 1997 Road Safety Policy Statement for Seychelles. In 2003 a Road Safety study was conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory from UK. This document was used as the bible to improve road safety. However based on the study, no policy statement, national strategy or targets were prepared to lead road safety awareness in Seychelles. With no policy or strategic direction, it has been difficult to monitor road safety issues and assess effectiveness of any measures being taken to improve safety. There are several partners in road safety that are working in close collaboration to ensure the improvement of road safety aspects in Seychelles.”

The PS also announced that the second global high-level conference on road safety will be held from November 18-19 this year in Brasilia, Brazil and Seychelles will be represented by Ambassador Barry Faure.


Source : Seychelles NATION

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