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Jacques Matombe farm opens organic sale outlet at Cascade

matombeThe Jacques Matombe farm of Anse Royale has opened an organic agricultural sale outlet for the benefit of its clients.

This time however, the farm has decided to move away from its traditional Anse Royale base, with the new outlet situated at Talbot, Cascade in the Giovanny Complex building.

The farm’s owner, Jacques Matombe, has conveniently chosen the popular spot next to Jules Take Away.

“We already have a small market at Anse Royale which we call the mini bazaar. But with the expansion of our client base there is a need to expand and decentralise. Moreover, there are plans for new development in the Anse Royale area, which necessitates moving to other free areas,” he noted.

By moving to an indoor and air-conditioned facility more suitable for food conservation, Mr Matombe has also decided to opt for innovation. If the new outlet also offers a fresh and modern grocer’s experience, with fresh organically produced farm products, Mr Matombe has promised that his prices will remain competitive.

The shop is opened from 7.30am to 5pm, and offers a great variety of local farm products.

It has been some time now since the Jacques Matombe Farm has started producing purely organic vegetables and root crops, whereby no artificial fertilisers but only natural manures are used.

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