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Traders and importers learn more on energy efficient appliances

1traderA group of locally based traders, importers of all types of electrical items and other stakeholders took part in an information and discussion session yesterday where they learned more about the need to bring into the country energy efficient appliances.

The session was organised by the GOS-UNDP-GEF Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) together with the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC).

The session is part of the GOS-UNDP-GEF Resource Efficiency Project (RE Project), which is a four-year initiative with a budget of US $1.7 million that aims to increase market penetration of energy-efficient technologies, products and services in Seychelles.

This is the first time that such a workshop is organised for traders of electrical goods in Seychelles.

It is in line with work the SEC has started on a standard policy which will regulate the type of electrical and electronic appliances that are imported. Once in place the policy will ensure that such appliances are of good quality as well as energy efficient.

During the presentation and discussion session yesterday the traders and importers learn more on what to be aware of and details of the products and appliances they are importing and selling.

2tradeThey were also presented with the findings of a recent market survey on electrical appliances carried out here under the RE project. The aim of the survey was to establish some much needed baseline data on the availability of these appliances and their performance as well as to gather information on the capacity of sales persons to convince consumers of the benefits of energy efficient products and supply chains.

There have been so far only a few studies on the market of energy related products in Seychelles, and this recent survey is by far the most comprehensive one.

Among the findings it has been observed that not many shops are encouraging clients to buy energy efficient appliances and not many sales persons are well versed in this field to advice customers.

These findings will be used to guide the RE project on the way forward for development of labelling or minimum energy performance standards.

The chief executive of the Seychelles Energy Commission, Tony Imaduwa, said the SEC is currently working on a label and standard mechanism which will be put in place in Seychelles soon.

Elaine Ernesta, the RE project manager, said the session is aimed at preparing the traders and importers so they are better informed on energy efficient appliances so they can better inform and advise clients who come to their shops to purchase these items.

“It was also an opportunity for them to learn about the soon to be introduced labelling scheme and minimum energy performance standard,” Ms Ernesta explained.

Those taking part in the session were also enlightened on the Seychelles Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programme (SEEREP), the financial scheme aiming to facilitate the adoption of resource efficient technologies, with a loan scheme at R100,000 with 5% interest.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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