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12 graduates to study hotel management at Shannon College

shannonA group of 12 graduates will at the end of this week fly to Ireland to pursue their fourth year studies for a Bachelor of Business Studies Degree in International Hotel Management at Shannon College of Hotel Management.

In a short ceremony yesterday at the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD) at Le Chantier Mall, the graduates accompanied by a parent received their travel documents.

This was in the presence of Shannon College representative and head of Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management (ADHM) at the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) Dr Sean Ruane, the general manager of the STA Peter Moncherry and ANHRD staff.

The students, all young ladies, will spend 10 months at Shannon and an additional nine-month attachment either there or back in Seychelles depending on their choice.

They will be accompanied on their journey to Shannon by lecturer Brigitte Joubert and Mr Moncherry.

Nadine Maillet from La Digue noted after receiving her ticket that the challenging years of studies and sacrifices are finally coming to an end and full of expectations she says she is very proud to have completed this long journey.

“I feel really proud and very happy knowing that all the sacrifices I made are bearing fruits. Coming from La Digue I had to leave family and other loved ones to come and study on Mahé. Now I am looking forward to coming back and work so I can contribute to the development of my country especially my native La Digue,” Nadine said.

A young mother, Nadine expresses the keen desire to come back to take a position so she can replace an expatriate in the tourism industry and to urge and motivate other young people to take up a career in the sector.

As for Stephanie Medor, a mature student with experience working in the tourism sector, her dream is to come back and work for a few years, gain experience before considering to set up her own business in the hospitality sector.

“I am really looking forward to experiencing studies and life at Shannon,” she said.

As a student Stephanie said it was not easy during the four years but the important thing is to remain focused on your set goals, work with perseverance to succeed.

“I know it has not been easy but I want to encourage other young people to do the same because qualification and knowledge open many doors and they (the youths) should seize the opportunity to fulfill their dreams,” she said.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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