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14th Seychelles National Youth Assembly swearing-in ceremony

1youthSpeaker Basset takes oath to lead colleagues







Shamira Basset is the speaker of the 14th Seychelles National Youth Assembly and she took her oath on Saturday morning and was sworn in along with her other colleagues.

The ceremony took place at the STC conference room and was attended by Youth, Sports and Culture Minister Idith Alexander, youth and sports principal secretary Fabian Palmyre, special advisor for youth Kevin Vidot, special advisor for education Merida Delcy, Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) chief executive Alvin Laurence and his deputy Ghislaine Belmont, SNYC board chairman Ziggy Adam and outgoing youth parliamentarians among other guests.

The deputy speaker is Ria Alcindor, clerk Andria Auguste and deputy clerk Wahida Gobin.

A teacher at the Anse Etoile primary school, Ms Basset is also the representative of the Glacis district and she told the media she is ready to lead the cohort of young people representing each district as well as post-secondary institutions and secondary schools.

“I was not expecting to be voted the speaker, but I had wanted to join the assembly since last year to help bring forth the challenges youths of Seychelles are going through and also share with them the solutions,” said Ms Basset, her face beaming with delight.

Addressing the guests, she thanked all youths of Glacis for choosing her as their representative and her colleagues of the 14th assembly for electing her as speaker.

“I have come to understand that we all need to show honesty in whatever we do to help make a difference in the lives of all young people. It is going to be a tough but not an impossible task which will require an innovative approach by each one of us to make our contributions to continue the work done by the 13th cohort,” said Ms Basset.

She added: “As representatives of all young people we have to dedicate our time to address issues affecting fellow youth and no one should be left behind. Let us all make the most of the opportunities this assembly will offer us and at the same time make sure we are exemplary in whatever we do.”

Outgoing speaker of the 13th cohort Jelissa Julie said they tabled 16 motions during their mandate, took part in a number of workshops and took up a number of visits, although it was not an easy task for them as all the members have other commitments.

Because of all the political manifestations last year, Ms Julie said the youth assembly could not go on with all the projects planned and added that the youth assembly is for young people irrespective of their political affiliation, sexual orientation, disabilities.

“Lend an ear to young people’s concerns wherever you may be,” Ms Julie told members of the new cohorts.

SNYC chief executive Laurence told members of the 14th cohort to do a lot of research before tabling any motion and to use the forum to develop their art of speech.

“You also have to respect the opinion of others and this is not a political forum. It is not an avenue for someone to become a member of the National Assembly, but if it happens it’s OK. The youth assembly gives the youths chosen by their peers the chance to prepare a career in any field, but there is a need to keep it authentic,” said chief executive Laurence.

The members of the 14th cohort are Vanessa Joubert (Anse Aux Pins), Steffie Barra (Anse Boileau), Annissa Dick (Au Cap), Kendra Mellie (Anse Etoile), Andria Auguste (Anse Royale), Mariana Joseph (Baie Lazare), Raphaela Dugasse (Baie Ste Anne), Ria Alcindor (Bel Air), Sharifa Charlette (Beau Vallon), Kelvin Anacoura (Cascade), Shamira Basset (Glacis), Omegan Jean Marie-Ciseau (Grand Anse Mahé), Naomi Jeannevole (Grand Anse Praslin), Noripha Jeannevole (Ile Perseverance 1), Damien Mougal (Ile Perseverance 2), Kiren Socrate (La Digue), Nashia Zaphet (Les Mamelles), Liza Matatiken (Mont Buxton), Joseph Bonne (Mont Fleuri), Samia Victor (Plaisance), Neddy Port-Louis (Pointe Larue), Anthony Cadence (Port Glaud), Hilary Uzice (Roche Caïman), Tara Pharabeau (St Louis), Bianca Bonnelame (Takamaka), Phillipa Servina (Anse Boileau secondary), Wahida Gobin (English River secondary), Tyrone Adelaide (Grand Anse Praslin secondary), Chet Hoareau (School of Business Studies and Accounting), Jelissa Julie (UniSey), and Annia Marengo (National Institute of Health and Social Studies).

They received their badges from PS Palmyre and SNYC’s deputy chief executive Belmont.

Out of the more than 30 members of the 13th cohort, only 20 completed the programme and received their certificates from Minister Alexander and special advisor Vidot.

Joanne Laurette of Mont Fleuri secondary was awarded a certificate by Mrs Delcy for being an exemplary member.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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