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A Bible totally in Seychellois Creole is launched

ministerThe Seychelles Bible Society has launched this last Tuesday the 27th October a t the St. Paul’s Cathedral in Victoria a Bible totally written in Seychellois Creole.

The Ceremony started with a song “Give me the Bible” sung by the Seychelles Choral & Music Society before Pastor Hermitte Freminot said the Opening Prayer and this was in the presence of the Seychelles Vice President Danny Faure, Tourism & Culture Minister of the Islands Alain St.Ange, Leader of the Opposition Davie Pierre, the Anglican Bishop James Wong and the Roman Catholic Bishop Denis Wiehe. Also present were the PS for Culture Benjamine Rose and the PS for Tourism Anne Lafortune and a Cathedral full to the capacity by worshippers.

After the song “Give me the Bible” Margaret Maillet, the Secretary of the Seychelles Bible Society took to the pulpit to present the program of events and launch the ceremony to present the Bible in Seychellois Creole to Seychelles. Gabriel Hoarau then read verses from the Creole version of the Bible’s Old Testament before a song by a Trio from the Seven Day Adventist Church. James Sabadin, the man who is recognised to have worked tirelessly with the Seychelles Bible Society who did a second reading this time from the Creole Version of the Bible’s New Testament . He was followed by Dr. Krijn Van der Jagt, the Translation Consultant who took to the pulpit to give the history of the project to prepare a Bible in Seychellois Creole.

The Anglican Bishop James Wong then presented the sermon for this special event. “The Bible in Seychellois Creole is number 543 Bible to be printed” said Bishop Wong as he explained the pride for Seychelles to have a complete Bible in the mother tongue of each and every Seychellois.  Bishop Wong then invited the People of Seychelles to read the Bible n ow that it was available in their very own Creole.

The Bishop was followed by a presentation of Bibles to those who played an important part in works that has helped get the Bible in Seychellois Creole. The Roman Catholic Bishop Denis Wiehe then presented a Dedication of the Bible and the Gospels on CD before Pastor Michael Bijoux , the Chairperson of the Seychelles Bible Society presented the Bible to the Dignitaries present and the representatives of the different Churches gathered together for this special event and this included presentations to Bishop James Wong, Bishop Denis Wiehe, Vice President Danny Faure,, Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St.Ange, Leader of the Opposition David Pierre amongst others.

After a Vote of Thanks by Pastor Bijoux Vice President Danny Faure and Minister Alain St.Ange were invited to the pulpit to address the congregation. Vice President Faure spoke about the pride of Seychelles to have a Bible in Seychellois Creole and he reiterated the commitment of the Seychelles Government to continue to work with the Church. Minister Alain St.Ange on his part said when he took to the pulpit that the launch of the Bible in Seychellois Creole came at an opportune time as Seychelles was right in the middle of its 30th Anniversary of the Creole Festival. “What a better day for God to be speaking to Seychelles in Creole that in the Creole Festival. Minister St.Ange went on to say that the celebrations of the Creole Festival was a celebration of the island’s culture and the Church was part of our island’s culture” Minister St.Ange said.

A Closing prayer was then delivered by Pastor Maxwell Muvwimi.

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