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A good tourism industry is good for Seychelles, says Minister St Ange

ministerA good tourism industry is good for Seychelles and each citizen should bear this in mind.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange said these words during an interview he gave on the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s popular News Extra programme aired last night.

Minister St Ange was speaking to the programme’s host, well-known journalist Michael Payet, on the various tourism-related issues and the latest developments in this industry.

The minister gave more details on the two newly appointed advisory boards – Monuments and Museums advisory boards.

Minister St Ange said these appointments form part of the new approaches that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture has taken and for them to see the vitality of the country’s museums and monuments.

He added that it is also a way of getting our professionals with great expertise in various fields to contribute towards the development of our tourism and culture sectors.

Other boards for the tourism, archives and creative industries will also be appointed soon.

During the interview, Minister St Ange also spoke about the new initiative to honour and recognise past players of our tourism industry who have dedicated most of their lives to make this sector what it is today.

He added that the chosen place to honour these people, at the Seychelles Tourism Academy, is ideal as it is where we train our future tourism professionals.

Minister St Ange commented on an article published in a foreign newspaper recently which states clients’ discontentment on high prices paid on beverages in a hotel in Seychelles.

He added that such articles affect the Seychelles brand that the country is promoting.

A satisfied client, he added, is a plus for Seychelles as the person will go back to his or her country and promote the good service given while holidaying here.

“We should all realise the importance of our tourism industry and remember that it is the pillar of our economy,” he said.

Minister St Ange hailed Mr Payet and the News Extra team as well as the other media houses for helping the ministry and the Seychelles Tourism Board to keep members of the public informed on the happenings in the tourism industry.

He also spoke about other points such as his door-to-door visits to tourism establishments in the country, direct flights to Paris, and the moratorium imposed on large hotel projects in the country, an announcement made by President James Michel on National Day.



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