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Airtel Music Awards finalists announced

The Airtel Music Awards finalists were announced at the Tequila Boom nightclub last Saturday during a musical show by some of the nominees such as Tania, Smash kid, Marathon and Vanessa Juliette.

A fabulous fashion show by models from Telly’s modelling agency added an extra dash of colour to the evening.
Now the preparation for the big night on March 28 has already started and in the coming weeks the organisers will open up the SMS Voting for ‘The People’s Choice’ category.
The finalists are:
Best New Artist Female/Male
1)    Lana
2)    Ashley Barallon

Best Group/Duet/Collaboration
1)    Roul ponm damour  (Jean Marc Volcy & Jany)
2)    Koz mon fanm (Regi & Cus Mun)
3)    Mon pa en sen (Sandra & Jahkim)
4)    Nenport kwa pou mon (Chico & Jahkim)
5)    ‘Spirit of Madiba’ (El Manager ft Angelika & B. Manyula)
6)    Travay for (Marathon & Xtra)

Best Traditional
1)    Album Mon dernyen Fon — Aya Tanbi (Norville Ernesta)
2)    Album En Leokri (Jean-Marc Volcy)
3)    Bat sa lapo (Sandra)
4)    ‘Mouggae  Blues’ (Felix Lawen)
5)    Nou bezwen nou Sega (Smash Kid)

SeyMas Awards
1)    Marcel Crea.
2)    Bruce Freminot
3)    John Vital
4)    Brian Matombe.
5)    Pat Prosper.

Best Song of the Year
1)    Dyelelo (Jean Marc Volcy)
2)    ‘Million Butterfly’ (Lana)
3)    Ziska Leternite (Sandra)
4)    Anbras mwan (Chico)
5)    ‘Spirit of Madiba’ (El Manager ft Angelika & B. Manyula)
6)    Lanmour Enposib (Tania)

Best Female Artist
1)    Lana
2)    Ashley Barallon
3)    Sandra
4)    Tania
5)    Vanessa Juliette

Best Male Artist
1)    Jean-Marc Volcy
2)    Norville Ernesta
3)    Chicco Martino
4)    Smash Kid
5)    Marathon
6)    Travis

The Airtel Music Awards Seychelles is calling on all the finalists to bring a copy of the lyrics of their songs that have been selected and to come for a meeting at the National Arts Council headquarters at Stad Popiler car park today, Wednesday March 4 at 4.30pm.

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