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Angie launches new video of hit song ‘Satisfaksyon’

angieWell known talented artist Angie has recently launched a new video clip of her hit song ‘Satisfaksyon’. The video was shot in Seychelles by famous video producer Sébastien Rougemont.

Every top artist needs a good video producer for them to look good in a video clip, to make them feel special.

Throughout his career Sébastien Rougemont has done all kinds of work, and music videos are just a small portion of that. His productions include commercials, documentaries and short films … just about anything under the sun.

Music video producers are constantly under pressure trying to keep within budget, meet schedules and ensure the smooth operation of the whole production.

But what is a music video producer all about? It’s hiring the cast, directors and production staff. It’s negotiating contracts with artistic personnel and coordinating the efforts of all involved.

We asked Sébastien to share his career journey and what it’s like working as a professional video producer.

Passionate about cinema since the age of 8, Sébastien Rougemont discovered the 7th Art with Stanley Kubrick (Spartacus), Alfred Hitchcock (The Birds) and Steven Spielberg (Jurassic Park) … After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree Economics and social at the age of 16, he went to study in the same area at the faculty of buffer while chaining odd jobs.

In 2005, he joined the ILOI and got a license INFO-COM in 2008, then worked as a journalist, photographer and administrative agent, for among others, the municipalities of Saint Louis, Saint Benedict and Saint Denis, and as video trainer and cinema speaker in schools and disadvantaged backgrounds.


  1. 1.        Seychelles NATION (SN): How long have you been in the industry of video making?

Sébastien Rougemont (S.R.): My first Job in the industry of video making was assistant of production with Thalassa, and it was a really great experience for my age. After that, I studied art and production in a technical school called I.L.O.I and in 2008, I won a licence of INFO-COM to be journalist or working in marketing and communication job. My really first big experience was when I went for the first time in the Festival de Cannes with the French Minister for Culture in 2008.


  1. 2.        SN: How did you come to the Seychelles?

S.R.: Last year, the French ambassador in Seychelles Lionel Majesté-Larrouy called me to come here to work with SBC (Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation), and I accepted the invitation with pleasure; it was a new challenge for me.


  1. 3.        SN: What types of video do you produce?

S.R.: All sorts, but especially fictions and dramas. I’ve done a lot of clips, reportages, TV programmes, adverts, and event videos. But I am crazy about cinema; it is my favourite practice but also quite challenging.


  1. 4.        SN: How creative are your ideas?

S.R.: I love films so much. But all art forms influence me, such as music, painting, writing, singing, acting, dancing, etc. I am always practising something new to write or draw, filming or taking pictures. I have no idea how inspiration or imagination comes for me, but when it comes, I take it as fast as I can. It is very important to capture it at the moment.


  1. 5.        SN: Who selected you to produce ‘Satisfaksyon’ by Angie?

S.R.: I met Angie and her manager, Derrick, during a shooting this year for a programme with SBC. It was for the musical programme ‘Tremolo’. Then we started to build a friendship. After that, Derrick asked me to shoot a video clip for Angie. I accepted the invitation, because I found Angie great and sweet to make such video. Derrick sent me the song for the video. I started to imagine the concept of all the ideas for me to create a really pleasant video clip for that song.


  1. 6.        SN: How long did it take to shoot the video?

S.R.: Just one day, but with lots of preparation beforehand. So we met with the actors since August. The video was shot at Avani and special thanks go to Andre Katombe, who came from South Africa and worked very well in Seychelles in video making. Working with him was really a great pleasure. Special thanks also go to two wonderful ladies – Crystal Abrams and Dhanushika Ariyaratne – who helped us so much, as well as and Four Epices boutique.


  1. 7.        SN: Was it your first time working in Seychelles?

S.R.: Yes it was my first time working in Seychelles. I did a video clip for SBC once but it was not the same thing and the same feeling. I directed and produced the video clip of Angie, with pleasure, professionalism, and attitude and enjoyed doing it with a very good team. It was the first time that I have worked and make a video for an artist in Seychelles.


  1. 8.        SN: Who came up with the concept for the video?

S.R.: It was team work! Each person in the project came up with ideas and proposals. Angie told me she didn’t want a “typical and classic video clip like all the rest”, and just that for me was an open door to do something really great and exciting. In her video clip the actor, Alexandre Fuego, introduced lots of ideas and together we wrote a story with the consent of Angie. My burning desire was to shoot this clip in a hotel setting. For me, it was really important to do something really different.


  1. 9.        SN: When will the video be available for public viewing?

S.R.: The video has already been aired in Reunion since last week. I let Derrick, the manager of Angie, to arrange all about the promotion part, because for me he is the best in that. He had already promoted big and famous Seychellois artists in the past in and outside of Seychelles such as Chicco Martino and Sandra. The video clip will also be available on Cable TV and Intelvision and also on my Youtube channel. Maybe the video might be shown at Deepam Cinema.


  1. 10.      SN: What has been Angie’s reaction to the video?

S.R: Angie is very happy and likes the video clip. Like I told you she didn’t want something classic or typical and she loves the video so much. It was a very great honour to work with her. For me, she is a very great and talented artist. Her voice is amazing, like Sandra. The only difference between them is the experience and career path, but Angie is young and for her age, since I met her, I saw that she has talent, and I am sure that the future belongs to her.


Compiled by U.J.-Seychelles NATION

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