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Arterial Network hosts second exhibition

1artArt lovers yearning to own locally made affordable arterial work can do so through an exhibition being held at Kaz Zanana Art Gallery in Victoria.

The second Arterial Network Sesel exhibition was officially opened on Wednesday by the chief executive of the National Arts Council (Nac) Jimmy Savy.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange, local and foreign artists, among other viewers.

The Arterial Network Sesel exhibition is aimed at showcasing the work of established artists and introduce new talents to the public. The first such exhibition was held in December last year.

This fair also allows the public to purchase pieces of work at an affordable price ranging from R350 up to a maximum R5,000.

Arterial Network Sesel is a dynamic network of artists, activists, organisations and institutions engaged in the Seychelles creative and cultural sector.

2artSpeaking at the event, George Camille, the local artist who is involved in this project and the chairman of Arterial Network Sesel, thanked the support received from various partners such as the Nac, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Red Coral Mamma Mia, Arterial Network, among others.

He said the network is working on other projects with art practitioners and people are working alongside Nac and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to help promote the arts and encourage others to join this creative sector.

Mr Savy commended the excellent work done by the artists to put this fair into place and said it has a good mix of artists – from the young generation to the more established ones.

He said Seychelles has a large number of artists who produce a lot of interesting work but we still have not managed to get local people to buy more artwork.

“Such activities like this one is one step that will probably encourage locals also to appreciate the work of our local artists,” he said.

He firmly believes that more local artwork should be in local households.

This exhibition is expected to run for about two weeks.

Ralista Hortere

Source : Seychelles NATION

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