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Aspiring young pilots complete military training

pilotsFive young cadet pilots from Air Seychelles have successfully completed military training with the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF).

Stephane Sicobo, Joseph Pillay, Maxime Valentin, Jean-Pierre Bristol and Jean-Yves Ernesta who form part of a group of 20 new soldiers who graduated last week (see separate story in Creole),  are supposed to leave for South Africa this week for their pilot training.

Jean-Pierre tells us how the training was and what they have gained from it.

“It was a six-week training. In the beginning it was difficult. We adapted and then the training flowed nicely. We started working together, in cooperation and jointly used the initiatives,” he said.

He said it was since secondary school that he wanted to become a pilot. It was a passion and desire that have been within him always.

“It is important for aspiring pilots to follow military training as it instils discipline in a person.

When you are flying a plane you need a very good measure of discipline.  You cannot rely on the control tower to tell you what to do,” Jean-Pierre said.

He said if they are successful after their two-year course in South Africa they will be employed by Air Seychelles.

 Source : Seychelles NATION

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