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Band Festival right in the centre of Victoria is a success for the cultural development of Seychelles says Minister St.Ange


Minister Alain St.Ange addressing the first ever Band Festival in Seychelles (Photo credit Pierre Quatre)

The first every Music Band Festival that was staged in Seychelles last Saturday night the 26 September 2015 was a great success in the continued works by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the islands said Minister Alain St.Ange as he addressed the crowd of revellers at around 10.30pm as an impressive list of bands were playing their favourite tunes one ofter the other in the centre of Victoria.

Minister St.Ange who was called on stage as the personality who continues to stand by the performing artists and as the one who continues to be present at the musicians performances, said as he took the mike to address the fans of Seychelles Culture that he was thankful to Joseph Sinon and his Tanmi Group for working with some close collaborators such as Jean Marc Volcy Patrick Victor among others to stage this musical event that brought together sone thirty three musical bands from all over the Seychelles.

“We need to congratulate you. What is happening tonight needs to be encouraged because this is the only way for Seychelles to save its rich cultural identity. You are giving to the Seychellois public the music that they love to listen and this in all its diversity. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture and its National Arts Council will continue to stand with you, members of the music fraternity” said Minister Alain St.Ange who was on staged accompanied by Benjamine Rose, his PS for Culture and Jimmy Savy the CEO of the National Arts Council.

The Minister responsible for Culture also had words of thanks for the public who continue to come out to support such musical shows and performances. “It is because of your continued support that such musical shows continue to take place and that our performing artists continue to perform. Your support is really appreciated” Minister St.Ange said.

The Minister also spoke about the need for everyone to continue to work together to keep the culture of our people alive. “When we speak about our culture we are speaking about our people, because without our people we have no culture. This is why we are creating a Music Stadium right in the heart of Victoria because we are committed to ensure that our culture remains alive and our performing artists continue to make their living from the gift that they were blessed with, that gift of creating the susic we all love dearly” Minister Alain St.Ange said.

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