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Beauty queen spreads ‘healthy lifestyle’ message

‘A healthy lifestyle equals a beautiful life’ is the message that Miss Seychelles … Another World 2014, Camilla Estico, wishes to spread around through her healthy living brochure.

Copies of the brochure have been presented to students of the Mont Fleuri secondary school.

The brochure, which is divided into four sections, focuses on how to fight off obesity and making an effort to eat healthy and exercise everyday. It illustrates the type and amount of food a person should take everyday. It also includes exercising, advising students to allow themselves at least one hour a day to do some physical activity like jogging or walking briskly with friends.

The hand-over ceremony at the Mont Fleuri school was held in the presence of the school’s head teacher Rosemary Violette, the deputy chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Nathalie Didon, teachers and students of the school.

“You are the first school to receive my ‘beauty with a purpose’ brochure. I hope that you become the first leading school to pass my message on living a healthier lifestyle to schools in Seychelles,” said Ms Estico to the students.

She added that she has put her whole heart and dedication into the production of the brochure and has received the help and sponsorship of the Rotary club of Seychelles.

She also acknowledged the invaluable contribution and support of the Nutrition Unit of the Ministry of Health in its realisation.
Miss Estico interacted with the students by asking some questions on healthy living, especially obesity.

She then distributed copies of the brochure which the students are expected to pass around to their colleagues at school.

The head teacher said she welcomed the idea and the fact that Miss Estico plans to go to other schools to spread the message.interact

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