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CINEA gears up for 1st Jazz & Blues Festival

blueThe 1st Jazz & Blues Festival to be organised by the Creative Industries & National Events Agency (CINEA) will  take place on May 6 at the Plas Kreativ, ICCS car park, from 7pm onwards.

Local bands popular for this kind of music like Metis, Collective Soul, Chapter 3 will perform alongside their counterparts coming from abroad.

They are the African Jazz Hounds (from South Africa), Mi-Mo (from Madagascar), Damien Elisa Quartet (from Mauritius) and Mascareignas (from Reunion).

Ornelli Ernesta, event coordinator at the CINEA, said: “By doing a Jazz and Blues Festival, we will be able to measure how much the public enjoy and appreciate this kind of music in Seychelles.

The public will have the opportunity to hear another kind of music other than the ones we hear everyday such as dancehall, ragga, reggae and reggaetone. We therefore invite the general public to come and enjoy Jazz and Blues in its classic and modern way.”

Ms Ernesta went on to point out that entrance to the festival will be free but even though organisers are preparing something completely different with regard to sitting arrangements, people attending will be able to sit comfortably to enjoy the performances.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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