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Diversity of the Seychellois people is a true resemblance of a nice bouquet of flowers

The diversity that is seen in the fabric of the Seychellois People has been said to resemble a nice bouquet of flowers of various colours. It was the Roman Catholic priest, the Rev. Father David Alcindor who said this while preaching during a special mass for the Festival Kreol 2014 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Victoria on Sunday morning.

Father Alcindor said it feels good to sing and pray in our Creole language, especially during this week as we celebrate Festival Kreol.

During his sermon, Father Alcindor said we all have our differences – be it political, religious – and we all have different opinions, but there is one thing which unites us and makes us one people and this is our Creole identity.

“We can all proudly say that we are part of this beautiful Creole nation and our faith is an important part of our unique culture,” Father Alcindor added.

“Our culture will not stay static, it will evolve but we must not let it lose its spirit and beauty. Together we must ensure that we do not lose our true Creole identity.”

After blessings and songs of praise, Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture who was attending this very touching ceremony, thanked Father Alcindor for his preaching and for this beautiful service.

He also wished the congregation a happy Festival Kreol week and urged them to unite in ensuring our Creole identity keeps blooming.

On her part, principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose said we should pray for the Holy Spirit to keep uniting us as a Creole nation.


The special Creole Mass is now part and parcel of the annual Festival Kreol Festival in Seychelles. This special mass continues to attract a full church of worshippers.

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