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Exhibition showcases students’ art work

2artStudents and graduates from the Seychelles Institute of Art and Design (SIAD) and the School of Advanced Level Studies (Sals) took part in an art exhibition held at Carrefour Des Arts yesterday afternoon. The theme for the annual exhibition was ‘Now and Then’.

The exhibition showcased original art works made by second and third year students as well as 2017 graduates from both institutions.

Guests were able to view and buy from a collection of black and white drawings, colourful paintings, batiks, collages, multi-media and photography where the students expressed themselves by using a wide range of materials, techniques and concepts to explore different subjects and themes.

The works were from students who had followed full-time programmes in fashion, fine arts, textile and graphic design, as well as the work of some students who have pursued the GOE A Level Art international examination. The exhibition was in recognition of young students who have made an immense contribution to the school.

The exhibition was opened by the chairperson of SIAD Benjamine Rose, in the presence of the principal secretary for culture Cecile Kalebi, the chief executive of the National Arts Council Jimmy Savy, members of the diplomatic corps, teachers, students and guests.

Ms Rose said that the collection of art and design work embodies great and promising talents as well as a new generation of artists as the exhibition provides them an opportunity to make use of their immense talents which allow the viewers to gain insight into their visual world and learning experiences while studying at Sals and SIAD.

“It is hoped that this exhibition will inspire and touch the hearts of everyone and enable the viewers to approach, appreciate and enjoy the works of art and design made by our students,” she said, while urging the students to continue to pursue their artistic career.

The director of SIAD, Christine Payet, also urged the students not to let their talents go to waste and not to be afraid to show their talents despite obstacles and challenges that would come their way.

Popular artist Danny Sopha said that compared to previous years the works are unique as there are less similar styles of work by the students.

“Each student has shown their unique style through the colours, styles and themes they have worked on and I encourage them not to quit but to continue to enhance their knowledge and develop their skills further,” he said

0artAnother popular artist, George Camille, said he was very impressed by the talents and quality of work from the students and was happy to note a new generation of artists on the horizon to continue with promotion of art work in Seychelles.

“What is disappointing is that most of the students from the school have talents but once they graduate, they go do other jobs. I think we must seek ways to get them good mentorship and further training so that they develop their career in art,” he said.

This was somehow confirmed when Seychelles NATION talked to two artists, graduates Nelicia Micock and Elza Lespoir, who both are doing other jobs rather than arts.

Lespoir, who works part time in restaurant at H Resort, said: “I had a great time at SIAD but to make full time in art I have to at least get something from elsewhere that would help me to make a head start,” she said, noting however that she still practices art at home.

Micock, who works full time as a receptionist at the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), said: “I feel I need to get a head start from somewhere in terms of financing before I can venture on my own as a full time artist. This is why I am doing another job,” she said.

The exhibition will be on for three weeks and all art works are for sale.

Some visitors at the exhibition have described the prices of the art works as “very reasonable and affordable”.

The accompanying photographs show visitors and guests viewing the art work on display in the exhibition.

Sources : Seychelles NATION

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