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Experiencing the Seychelles brand on Cerf island

cerfIn less than 10 minutes, one can reach Cerf island by boat. The fresh breeze from the ocean and the smell of the lush greenery blending with the tranquility of the island, give visitors the perfect welcome. A refreshing homemade juice upon arrival makes you feel at home though away from home.

L’habitation hotel is a small tourism establishment nested on the coast of the island, providing a picture-perfect view of Mahe.
With 12 rooms, including two junior suites-Villa Hibiscus and Villa Frangipane- L’habitation is the ideal getaway place for a weekend.
Owned by Delta Horner, the establishment gives its visitors the best island-life experience one can get.
Savouring the local cuisine in an open restaurant, enjoying the colours of the sun’s rays as they brush against the horizon, while relaxing in the pool or simply walking on the beach letting the powder soft sand massage your feet  ̶  this is what we call a stress-free holiday in paradise.

The hotel welcomes day trippers, tourists as well as Seychellois to its restaurant which boasts a simple but neat décor. Serving the local delicacies is what L’habitation prefers.
L’ habitation also caters for events such as weddings, birthdays and christenings. What better place to celebrate such auspicious occasions with your loved ones.

Not only does L’habitation promotes the Seychelles’ way and brand, but it also adds its part in contributing towards sustainable development within the tourism industry by using solar energy.

Fairy Tern struts its simplicity and elegance not far from L’habitation, overlooking the Ste Anne marine park. The two self-catering apartments belonging to Kevin Horner is well-placed in the midst of a beautiful garden.

Well-equipped and spacious, the two apartments offer tranquillity and a relaxing atmosphere for its clients. The apartment on the upper floor offers a nice view of Mahe island.

Tropical Sanctuary, which is only a few minutes’ walk from Fairy Tern adds to the charm of this peaceful island. This six-room establishment is equipped with all the necessities and is managed by Rita Panayi.

Set in a pristine environment and overlooking the turquoise sea of the Ste Anne marine park, this hotel is indeed a sanctuary in the tropics.

Further down, before reaching the Cerf Island Resort, tucked in a tropical garden is the Villa de Cerf owned by Charlie Marzocchi and his wife. Villa de Cerf is all about providing privacy and luxurious island retreat. The place is ideal for honeymooners and it is the perfect getaway for couples and families.

South Point Villas, is the just perfect for a holiday-by-the-sea experience, giving spectacular view of the vast turquoise ocean. Ile Caché is just only a few meters away and while relaxing under the spacious veranda of one of the villas overlooking the island, one can truly feel the essence of paradise.

Cerf Island Resort is the largest hotel on Cerf island having 24 villas altogether. Le Spa Latanier of the resort is the main attraction there as it is situated further up and it is well-tucked in the unspoiled natural environment of the island. Having a shower under the stars, enjoying a swing while the light waves brush against your feet, listening to the birds as they make their way around, or simply relaxing in the luxurious villas are what a holiday at Cerf Island Resort is all about and much more.

Being one of Seychelles’ most enchanted islands, Cerf island is renowned for its tranquillity and pristine natural beauty. A holiday on the island is a must.

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