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FetAfrik 2015 promoting tourism, trade and culture in Seychelles

fetafrik-press-interviewThe subtle blend of tourism, trade and culture will be dominant in the 2015 FetAfrik.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MTC) in partnership with the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) are this year working together to merge the three concepts.

Both entities believed drawing public attention to the subtle blend of tourism, trade and culture under one common platform paved the way for appreciation of culture, economic networking and their place in tourism development.

In a press interview to launch the programme of the FetAfrik event, Benjamine Rose the principal secretary for culture and chairperson of FetAfrik committee said with this concept FetAfrik 2015 has taken a new dimension.

Our core objective is to give new meaning to FetAfrik. This year the impetus is to concentrate on trade and culture. We believed these two components are becoming increasingly important in the development of our culture’’ affirmed Benjamine Rose

Mr Francis said promoting regional cooperation and culture are crucial for business development.

The role of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry in FetAfrik is to use this platform to promote regional integration and south- south cooperation. For business to prosper in an environment, it needs to understand the culture of such particular country vis- versa,” he said.

The promotion of regional integration will be omnipresence in the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry, trade expo. The first Seychelles International Trade Expo which will open 22nd May at National Sports Council Exhibition Hall, hours after the official opening of FetAfrik has registered five countries until now.

They are Maurice, India, South Africa, Egypt and Dubai. Six local vendors have confirmed their participation. The Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry said registration forms remain open for other participating countries.

Mr Francis said during the four day of Trade Expo, the public will also be given a taste of African food and music. Apart from the Trade Expo, the FetAfrik 2015 programme of event offered a multi- artistic and rich event. The African Gala Soiree & Fashion Show, a highlight of the FetAfrik event remain on the programme. Another new element is an African Disco and Exhibition Afrikart Seychelles.

The exhibition is expected to see the participation of artists from Zambia, and Seychelles.  Jimmy Savy, the director of the National Arts Council said this exhibition will give the artists “their duly visibility”. FetAfrik 2015 planned 21st- 25th May, will also be a platform for symposium.

Cultural Tourism in Africa will arise as the central theme of the symposium.

Lecturers from Seychelles, Reunion, Madagascar and Zambia. Other countries are yet to confirm their participation. African Literature, a rich component of the African culture has also emerged on the programme. The International Creole Institute will organise a debate on an well -known African novel “Things fall apart’’ written by a post –colonial novel writer Author, Nigerian Chinua Achebe.

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