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Food Week – Bazaar showcases local produce and products

bazaarAs part of activities to commemorate this year’s Seychelles Food Week celebrated recently, a food bazaar was held on the premises of the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) Hypermarket.

The activity brought together several partners such as the Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA), Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) social committee, Seychelles Farmers Association (SeyFa), Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture (SIAH), Anse Boileau Farmers Association, among other farmers and processors.

The Ministry of Health also played its part by having a health kiosk where members of the public had the chance to check their blood pressure, diabetes and body mass index (BMI).

The Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture Wallace Cosgrow said this bazaar allows the farmers and processors alike to exhibit their products.

“You will find mainly locally grown produce or locally made products being sold here and this is rather rare to find on Mahé in one place at a time,” he noted.

A farmer from the Anse Boileau Farmers Association found that the sales went quite well.

“I’m truly hoping that the customers are satisfied with our fruits and vegetables and we have been selling them at fairly low prices for their own benefit,” he said.

Judy Benstrong, who has an outlet in the market, was selling black pudding and sausages which are made by herself and her team.

She said she decided to bring her products closer to the customers.

Joanne Belmont said she was satisfied with what she had observed.

“I think it’s very good that these kinds of bazaars are held but more farmers and vendors should take part as our choices are limited and having such an event more often would also be a good idea,” she said.

The accompanying photos show some of the stalls in the bazaar.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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