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Good turnout at H Resort Beau Vallon Beach open day

hotelOver 700 Seychellois showed up at The H Resort Beau Vallon Beach for an open day which the newly completed five-star hotel had invited all Seychellois to join for a sneak peek ahead of the opening.

The guided tours were held yesterday afternoon, and those present had the opportunity to enter a grand prize draw to win a complementary weekend stay at the resort.

A priest will also be performing a blessing ceremony of the hotel today prior to its opening on Monday.

In an interview with Seychelles NATION, the resort’s public relations manager Anthony Perlman had this to say:

Seychelles NATION:  When will the first guests be coming to the resort?

Mr Perlman: Today is very much about giving the Seychellois community the opportunity to get a first look at The H Resort prior to opening, as we want them to feel part of it, to use the facilities once we are open and experience what is available.  The H Resort officially opens on August 10, when we will welcome our first guests from overseas.

hotel1Seychelles NATION: Why choose Seychelles as the site of the second hotel in the group?

Mr Perlman:  The group is expanding in several markets, including the Indian ocean, Europe and the sub-continent and the Seychelles, as paradise destination, has huge appeal to our key target market within Europe, so what better location could there be.

Seychelles NATION:  What makes this resort different from the many others already present in Seychelles?

Mr Perlman: We have five differentiating points at The H Resort. The fact that we have incorporated Seychellois heritage in both the architecture and the planning of the food. The blend of suites and beach villas, easy access to the beach and the seven food and beverage outlets. The Sesel Spa offers holistic treatments and a range of wellness programmes, plus we are very fortunate, as our spa director is not only a massage therapist but a holistic healer and life coach. We want our guest to experience relaxed island chic and of course there is Beau Vallon beach with its pristine sand and the beautifully clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Seychelles NATION: What kind of person would be typically a guest of the resort and which countries do you expect to be your main source markets?

Mr Perlman: Typically we are looking at 30 to 50-age range and welcome all holidaymakers from all the Seychelles feeder markets, namely France, UK, Italy, Germany, Ireland, China and the CIS.

Seychelles NATION: What is special about the location for guests?

Mr Perlman:  Quite simply, Beau Vallon beach! The best beach in the Seychelles, 3km of beautiful silver sand, turquoise sea framed by the stunning green hillsides. Easy access to Victoria, the international airport and other areas of Mahé are some of the key selling points for us.

Seychelles NATION: What kind of experience will a guest have at The H-Resort?

Mr Perlman: The resort is very much focused on providing our guests with an experience that is ‘Relaxed Island Chic’.

Seychelles NATION: How many staff do you have and what proportion of them are expatriates v/s local workers?

Mr Perlman: At present we have 150 staff members of whom 36% are Seychellois. This is a percentage that we are eagerly looking at increasing in the future through extensive training courses for both line team members and management opportunities.  Identifying local talent and recruitment is very much a focus of The H Resort.

Seychelles NATION: Can you tell us about the different types of cuisine that will be on offer to guests?

Mr Perlman: We have seven food and beverages (F&B) outlets. Vasco’s will offer Mediterranean flair with themed evening dinners and Seychellois influences at both breakfast and dinner. Eden is an intimate, romantic beachside sanctuary, offering grilled seafood and meats. Seyshima offers a delicious teppanyaki experience overlooking the lagoon.  Ripples, our poolside restaurant, will offer light fares for lunch. Our main bar ‘1502’ offers tapas style bites and flatbreads and coming soon will be the famous international restaurant, Trader Vic’s, which will offer a fusion of French Polynesian influenced dishes with a Chinese oven as a main show piece. It will be home to the original Mai Tai cocktail, which means ‘the best’.

Seychelles NATION: Can you give us an indication of the price range of the hotel, from the standard rooms up to the private villas?

Mr Perlman: Room rates will start at 475 euros, but we will however be sending details shortly about offers for the Seychellois public at preferential rates for rooms and F&B.

Seychelles NATION: The site where the hotel has been built used to be and still is a popular place for Seychellois to come for picnics… With the opening of the resort will the atmosphere change?

Mr Perlman: The beaches in Seychelles are public and Beau Vallon beach is no different and we have provided and are maintaining a purposely built foot bridge for the convenience of the Seychellois to ensure easy access to the beach. The synergy between the beach and the resort is a focal point for The H Resort, as we see this as part of the guest experience.

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