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Hindus celebrate Vinayagar Chadhurthi Festival

IndianIndians around the world on Thursday celebrated the Vinayagar Chadhurthi Festival which marks the birthday of God Vidayagar, first God of the Hindus.

In Seychelles, Vidayagar who was born on the 31st of the Month of Avani on the Tamil calendar is also God of the Hindu Temple, the SRI Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple situated on Quincy Street and which has been named after him.

The occasion was marked by prayers at the temple, where devotees sought the blessings of Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar. The Hindus look upon the elephant-headed God for among other successes, prosperity in business, protection during travels as well as good education.

Throughout the day, Hindus recited special prayers such as the ‘pooja’, ‘sandana kappu alangaram’ and ‘archanaigal’. The main activity was a procession known as the ‘grand outdoor courtyard procession’.

The parade of illuminated and colourful chariots went through some streets of Victoria Thursday evening, producing an animated ceremony.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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