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History museum to officially open on October 1


The new history museum will officially open on October 1 as part of activities to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the establishment of our capital Victoria.

The museum is now located in the renovated and refurbished ex-Supreme Court building in the centre of Victoria.

The Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture Mitcy Larue made the announcement yesterday morning after she visited the renovated building to see the intensive work that has been carried out before the museum could be relocated there.

This visit forms part of the minister’s plan to visit different cultural sites and establishments which fall under her portfolio.

Minister Larue was accompanied on the tour of the building by key officials from her ministry including the principal secretary for culture Cecile Kalebi, the director of the National Museums Beryl Ondiek, museum curator Bella Rose and other staff members of the museum.

Following several public queries as to why the building is still unoccupied even though renovation works have been completed for some time now and some exhibits have already been installed in one of the galleries, Minister Larue said everything has to be properly in place before it opens permanently to the public.

2museumWork on an annex building which will house the administrative block as well as a restaurant also remains to be completed.

“It is important that everything that is required for the proper operation of a museum to be in place before we proceed to open it to the public,” Minister Larue said.

Minister Larue added that while the building is unoccupied, museum employees are working tirelessly to ensure they gather all the precious exhibits and prepare them to be transported to their new abode.

Meanwhile she availed of the opportunity to appeal to members of the public who have any old artefacts, utensils of any sorts which used to have significant importance but are no longer useful, different paraphernalia and other items which have a story of their own but are just lying about, to bring them to the museum or to notify staff of their existence so 3museumarrangements can be made to collect them for the museum.

“We want to have a museum which shows the beginning of our existence and all our history up to now. Our young people need to know our history, where they come from as often many do not know these facts,” Minister Larue pointed out.

Other than the different galleries which will house relics and remnants of our history, there will also be space allocated for local artisans to display their handicrafts as well as an exhibition hall for all past and present presidential gifts.

Minister Larue went on to add that the history museum is being upgraded to a higher standard with new added features to protect exhibits and ensure ease of movement for visitors around the different galleries and floors.

Also when it opens in its new home which is strategically located in the centre of Victoria, the museum’s importance is expected to be enhanced as it will have modern facilities including a conference room and other facilities which could be rented out and it will be a place not only for visitors but the locals will also be encouraged to come and view and appreciate our historical heritage.

Minister Larue explained that an entrance fee will also be introduced to help sustain the upkeep of the facilities.

“We are really excited and looking forward for the opening of the history museum,” Minister Larue said.

The accompanying photos show Minister Larue and her delegation viewing the exhibits that have already been installed in the new museum.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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