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Investing in our uniqueness, diversity and dynamism through quality service

1seselThe ‘…Mon Sesel Sa!’ campaign is an initiative of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) through its newly established sub-committee on tourism.

In addressing issues pertinent to the tourism industry, it was generally felt that for many organisations and establishments the provision of quality service still remained one of the main challenges. It is important to note that SCCI through its members and partners represents the totality of the private sector and that all provide a ‘service’ in one way or another. It was agreed therefore that there was a need to have a campaign reflected in a theme and logo that focus on the delivery of quality service not only in the tourism industry per se but across different sectors especially those that support the tourism industry. One key objective is clear to all members; the provision of quality service for a country such as ours with limited resources is key to achieving long-term economic prosperity.

2seselThe theme ‘…Mon Sesel Sa!’ aims to personalise what it means to be a Seychellois, what Seychelles is all about for each and every person, what Seychelles has done for each and every person and what each and every person can and should do for Seychelles. The theme aims to encapsulate and promote a sense of patriotism through quality service. Service is thus viewed in a more holistic manner through the prism of the whole economy.

The three dots preceding the theme and logo represent the ‘uniqueness’, ‘diversity’ and ‘dynamism’ that characterise service ‘à la Seychelloise’ thus allowing our country to present itself to the world through its uniqueness, diversity, and dynamism of its people. It is intended for the theme to be fluid and flexible allowing for all who are interested to take part to present and market themselves through their uniqueness, diversity and dynamism. In essence, these change over time but it allows for the theme to be identified, to grow and be a self-sustaining entity through the contribution of individuals, groups and organisations. In other words the theme is such that it always changes at the beginning presenting its uniqueness, diversity and dynamism but retains its character and ending; ‘…Mon Sesel Sa!’ (…This is my Seychelles). It is sufficient to say that the ideal for visitors and clients should be never getting enough of what Seychelles is all about and always wanting to come back to experience more.

The logo illustrates a flower, portrayed in the colours of our national flag, with each petal showcasing a distinct feature and symbol of our islands’ natural beauty, history, cultural heritage and economic activity, being held by a hand, and offered for all to see. The choice of a flower is indicative of its symbolism as it is viewed by many as a powerful symbol of communication in our culture especially in times of joy, the celebration of an achievement and even in times of grief.  Regarding the choice of a hand, it can be said that in addition to our facial expressions, it is the hand that characterises our body language when it comes to offering a service, it is the hand that offers a hand shake, the product and service on offer and a pat on the back for a job well done. It can thus be said that the theme and logo are unique through its choice of wording, diversity of colours and representation and as such provides a more holistic depiction of the dynamism that characterises the service sector of our economy.

seselIssue of service

Focusing on the tourism industry, one of the main challenges is that a fairly low percentage of visitors ever return to our shores thus a marketing strategy heavily reliant on first timers. On the other hand, one must admit that the issue of ‘service’ remains persistent challenge across all sectors of the economy. In this global and fiercely competitive environment, there is an urgent need for us to clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors, to be more creative and focus our efforts on something that really sets us apart from our competitors.

The ‘…Mon Sesel Sa!’ campaign puts forward the notion that in offering Seychelles to the world, our service should be ‘unique’ moving beyond the smiles and warm welcome such it reflects something more knowledgeable, more creative and more demonstrative of our passion to offer more and so 4seselmuch more upon each encounter. It should be a service that showcases the ‘diversity’ of our environment, our rich historical and cultural heritage, our culinary delights and our ability to continuously derive new value added products and services. Lastly, our service should demonstrate our ‘dynamism’ such that it is vibrant, energetic and always expressing our willingness to adapt to changing circumstances, to be innovative and as such is reflective of our way of life beyond the professional space where service is offered.

It is intended for ‘…Mon Sesel Sa!’ to become a label and rallying cry for quality service across all sectors of the economy taking Seychelles beyond the sun, sea and sand to offering something that is much more; the uniqueness, diversity and dynamism of Seychelles and its people.

A big thank you goes to SCCI through its tourism sub-committee for initiating the campaign and providing the platform for the theme and concept to be launched and eventually grow. A special thank you goes to Marco Francis, chairman of SCCI and John Stravens, councillor and chairman of the tourism sub-committee; Nadine Telemaque and Marie-Cecile Esparon also representing SCCI; members from the Seychelles Tourism Academy (Flavien Joubert, Peter Moncherry, Ebrahim M. Ali, Diana Quatre, Kethleen Harrison, Monique Hoareau, Murla Gabriel and Marie-Ange Jacques); community development department representatives Dan Frichot and Jenita Laporte. A special thank you also goes to Jemmy Mathiot for the design of the logo and banner. The committee for its part is grateful for the support and encouragement of the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain Saint Ange, his ministry, the Seychelles Tourism Board, the Seychelles Tourism Academy and the department of community development.

3seselThe support of every Seychellois and every individual and organisation who believe that is what Seychelles is all about is paramount for the success of this campaign. On behalf of the committee, I therefore urge all individuals, establishments and organisations that provide a service in one way or another to join us and be part of something greater. This is a call to invest in the uniqueness, diversity and dynamism of our people such that together we can make a difference for the benefit of these beautiful islands we call home for they are and can be no other ‘…Mon Sesel Sa!’.


Author: Ebrahim M. Ali (member of SCCI tourism sub-committee)

Editor: Diana Quatre (member of SCCI tourism sub-committee)


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