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Kempinski sponsors Emmanuel Marie’s eye surgery

marieIn response to a public plea for financial assistance by Seychellois musician Emmanuel Marie, Kempinski  Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare has agreed to fund the life-changing eye surgery which will save his sight.

Marie is a local performing artist, living and working in Dubai who stood to lose all sight in his one functioning eye, due to diabetic complications.

Marie, who had just 30% vision in one eye following a life-long struggle with diabetes, risked going completely blind if he did not receive the required surgery.

Marie’s heart-wrenching plea for the financial assistance was published in Seychelles’ local newspapers and swiftly answered by Kempinski Seychelles Resort Baie Lazare as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

“Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by businesses to behave ethically and contribute to the economic development of the local community, while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families,”  explained Kempinski Seychelles’ director of finance, David Hughes.

“Emmanuel has proved himself to be a proud contributor towards the music industry both in Seychelles and abroad,” said the hotel’s general manager, Masami Egami.

Marie has been recording since he was just 14 years old and currently resides in Dubai, where he works as both a performer and a guitar teacher.

“Our hope is that, with this surgery, Emmanuel will have the opportunity to continue to share his passion with future generations for many more years to come.”

“I am very thankful to Kempinski for its generous contribution, which allowed me to get this surgery,” said Marie in letter to the luxury hotel. Marie had to travel to India for the initial stage of this advanced surgery and is due to complete the operation in Philippines later this year.

Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, has a long and proud tradition of philanthropic support of the arts in the destinations in which they operate. The Kempinski Young Artist Programme is widely recognised as a model for cross-cultural education and a reflection of Kempinski’s values rooted in European traditions of quality and service.

Source : Seychelles NATION


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