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Konshens’ Seychelles show still on despite brother’s death

jamaicanJamaican artist Konshens has said he is honouring his commitment to perform live in Seychelles despite the sudden passing away of his older brother Delus, who was supposed to accompany him on the Seychelles trip.

The show will be taking place as planned on June 28 at the mini-stadium in Victoria.

According to media reports, Delus died of apparent suicide.

The body of the dancehall singer, whose real name is Delmark Spence, was discovered on Wednesday afternoon in a bathroom at his home in Kingston.

Konshens and Delus first emerged on the dancehall scene in the mid 2000s under the group name Sojah. Their first hit was ‘Medz Pon Di corner’ released under the Cash Flow label in 2004 and became a No.1 single in Japan.

Local artist Elijah, who forms part of the organising team bringing Konshens to Seychelles, stated that we should all give our support to the mourning artist.

“Even though Konshens lost his brother, the artist is still keeping is word to come to Seychelles and perform, we need to give him all the support.”

DJ EzyD posted yesterday on Facebook such powerful words to Konshens to honour his commitment in Seychelles.

“Salue to Konshens despite the pain he must be feeling right now, he has decided to STILL honour his commitment and WILL BE LIVE in Seychelles…There you go Seychelles..Lesson in faith. Big up to the promoters Stephen Elijah Eliza & Team.”

Many other Konshens fans have been posting condolence messages to the artist on social media such as Facebook.

If you want to be part of the memorable concert by Konshens, tickets are still on sale at Kot Do & Deba Store at R200, and VIP at R300. After today (June 25) tickets will be R300 and R400 VIP.

To mark this occasion, Seychelles NATION hosted a competition — The ‘Konshens Competition’ — in which two free tickets to the concert were up for grabs.

The WINNERS for the ‘Konshens Competition’ are Freddy Pierre from Cascade and Mabel Marengo from Quincy Village. Congratulations!



‘Konshens Competition Answers:

  1. Which year did Konshens release ‘Gyal a Bubble’?

Answer: 2012

  1.  What is the real name of ‘Delus’, the brother of Konshens?

Answer: Delmark Spence

  1. What is the name of Konshens’ first album and in which year was it released?

Answer: ‘The Chosen One’ 2006

  1. Where was Konshens born?

Answer: Kingston, Jamaica

  1. What is Konshens’ record label?

Answer: VP Records

Source : Seychelles NATION

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