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Local artists to perform in Rodrigues Saturday

Local artists to perform in Rodrigues Saturday

Sesel I La

Mercenary, Swaggtunes, Joseph Sinon, Regi, Chicco, Jakim, Ion Kid, Elijah and Warrior Band will be performing live in Rodrigues Island on Saturday in a show called ‘Sesel I La’.

Such initiative forms part of the Creative Industries and National Events Agency’s (Cinea) mandate to share with other islands in the Indian Ocean the culture of Seychelles, especially as many might never get the chance to visit Seychelles.

The news was announced in a press conference by the chief executive of Cinea, Galen Bresson, this week.

“The purpose of this tour is to seek for international markets for our local artists in the Indian Ocean. It will also allow our artists to showcase their talent, and advertise themselves by bringing their albums with them.  Our aim is to help our artists achieve abroad, along by sharing our knowledge to other countries,” he said.

“This will further act as a bridge between the cultures of the islands bringing us closer similar to what the Indian Ocean Islands Games does through sports. If this initiative should work an annual event can be done which can further showcase all islands through similar exchanges within each respective geophysical border. In this global village, it is important we appreciate what we have closer to us, enabling better understanding of our role in the global economy,” he said.

While in Rodrigues Island our local artists will take part in two concerts, as well as in other activities such as road shows which would help reach the population.

Joseph Sinon stated that this trip will allow them to publicly advocate their hard work, and seek for other markets.

“Such initiative by Cinea is a good gesture; it will allow us to explore other Indian Ocean markets, by selling our products and advertising our work. Some local artists have already made it abroad, but we still need that push so that all artists can make it, and be able to sell their products internationally,” he said.

Besides Rodrigues Island, our gifted artists will also be representing Seychelles in Mauritius on June 2 and 3, where they will also be live in a concert.

Our local artists will be accompanied by the deputy CEO of Cinea Gustave Decommarmond along with other Cinea officials.

The delegation leaves Seychelles on Saturday morning for Rodrigues Island and will perform later the same day.



Source: Seychelles Nation

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