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Miss Creole 2015 with a difference

The Miss Creole 2015 contestants have been officially presented to the media.

They were introduced earlier this week by the organiser of Miss Creole des Iles International, Terry Carolla, at the International Conference Centre (ICCS), Victoria.

There are nine contestants in all and the pageant, which coincides with the year’s Creole Festival, will take place on October 10. Tickets cost R250 and will be available at the National Arts Council, Ray’s Music Room, Telly’s Modelling Agency in Room 27 at Camion Hall.

The contestants are Emma Denousse, Karin Moncherry, Marie-Eve Joe, Marie-Antoinette Robert, Shanorah Laurence, Debbie Karen, Kimberley Joseph, Mifa Moumou and Laura Kilindo.
The pageant also has the backing and support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. And this was apparent through the presence of the principal secretaries of both departments – Benjamine Rose of culture and Anne Lafortune of tourism.

Speaking to the press about the event, Mr Carolla said even if Miss Creole is a local competition, international criteria will be used because the winner of the competition will afterwards compete with girls from other Creole-speaking countries across the world.

“The lady who wins this year’s pageant will, if all goes according to plan, have to travel to promote this event during her one-year reign. Therefore she has to be a single lady,” Mr Carolla said.
Mr Carolla said she will have to take part in cultural exchanges between islands in relation to traditional music, dance and food when all the Miss Creole are together.

The Miss Creole 2015 will be different from previous ones in that it will showcase the Creole spirit as well as the differences and similarities between Creole-speaking countries, Mr Carolla pointed out.

He also remarked that even though the pageant will be held in Seychelles, the winner will not be a Miss Seychelles but an international ambassador for Creolophone islands.


By M. Julie

Source : Seychelles NATION

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