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Miss Seychelles … Another World beauty pageant

13 contestants vie for the crown

The names of 13 young girls who have met the criteria and have been selected to take part in this year’s Miss Seychelles … Another World beauty pageant were officially announced on Friday evening.

It was during a gathering at the Boat House Restaurant at Beau Vallon in the presence of key Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) officials, reigning Miss Seychelles Camila Estico and other guests that the contestants were presented.

The 13 girls are Angie Arnephy from Anse Boileau, Stasia Lafortune (Marie-Jeanne Estate Praslin), Alanah Barallon (Anse à la Mouche), Shanipha Semerano (Copolia), Chette-Path Semerano (North East Point), Stefannie Underwood (Mont Buxton), Gillian Come (Anse Boileau), Marina Appasamy (Anse Boileau), Linne Freminot (Beau Vallon), Nisa Larue (Quincy Village), Petra Richard (Quincy Village), Yasmine Ghislain (Perseverance) and Genevieve Rene (Les Canelles, Anse Royale).

Thanking the girls for having enough courage and confidence  to embark on this journey which will lead them to the crowning day of this glamorous  event, Sherin Naiken, chief executive of the STB, said:  “I want you all to know that when the time comes and you are not crowned, know that you are a winner.”

She added that there are plenty of girls in Seychelles who have dreamed of taking part in this pageant but very few of them have had the courage to come forward and go through with it.

“Over 50 girls took forms but few returned with them,” Ms Naiken pointed out.
She added that all the girls who sent their application met the competition’s criteria. She also told the contestants that the three months ahead will be filled with training and exposure so as to get them ready for the big day.

Even though it is not always easy to be supportive of our peers when they take part in national events especially pageants, Ms Naiken is urging the public to give their full support to the 13 girls who are about to embark on an adventurous journey leading to the Miss Seychelles … Another World.

“For STB this is more than just a pageant as the girl who will be crowned will be the face of Seychelles across the world,” Ms Naiken stressed.
Camila Estico, the reigning Miss Seychelles … Another World, also had words of encouragement for the contestants.

She told them that throughout her journey she has learned that winning the pageant is not only about having a pretty face but it is about having beauty with a purpose and to carry the crown not only for you but for the country first.

She advised the contestants to stay true to themselves and not to try comparing themselves to their fellow contestants but to focus on their own personal skills and abilities.

She added that it is not the glitz and glam but hard work and determination that will determine who will be crowned the next Miss Seychelles.

“This pageant will not only be the crowning of the new Miss Seychelles, but will determine who will be the ambassador for Seychelles and who will be the next inspirational figure for our youths in Seychelles,” Ms Estico told the contestants.

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