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Miss Seychelles Another World contestant Samiya Albert: Aspiring beauty queen hopes to make a difference in children’s lives


Miss Seychelles Another World 2016 Contestant 1 – Samiya Albert. (Michel Toule-Thilatier/Miss Seychelles – National Pageant-Facebook)

Children facing a difficult childhood – that is what one young Seychellois woman aspiring to become the island nation’s next beauty queen is highlighting through her participation in the Miss Seychelles Another World 2016 pageant.

Samiya Albert is using her ‘beauty with a purpose project’ to shed light on children she feels may be missing out in life. Her focus is on children between 7 and 11 whose parents abuse drugs and alcohol.

“They are still growing up, and I believe they are the future, therefore they should be well educated and enjoy a good childhood,” Albert said to SNA. “Through my project I want to give them knowledge, joy, and all the fun kids should have,” she added.

Each year, participants of the pageant have to work on a community fulfillment project. This is also a major component of the Miss World Beauty Pageant, which the winner of the local pageant gets to go to.

Albert, 19, has drawn her inspiration for the project from what she describes as her “great childhood” in spite of difficulties faced growing up with a single mother, as well as from her experience while studying social work earlier on in life.

Albert now aspires to become a dental hygienist and is currently attending her second year of studies at the National Institute of Health and Social Studies to attain her career goal.

Participating in a beauty pageant has always been a childhood dream for the resident of Pointe Larue, in the east of the Seychelles’ main island, Mahé.

“Up to now my experience joining the beauty contest has surpassed my expectation,” she said to SNA, adding that she is enjoying the journey.

Spending time with friends, reading, singing, exploring the Seychelles’ flora and fauna, and medicine are some of Albert’s interests.

She also describes herself as someone who is passionate, sociable, kind, friendly and as one who enjoys learning new things.

Looking forward to crowning night, she believes the day will remain an important part of her life’s history.

On her expectations and plans if she happens to win the pageant, Albert said: “I will carry the crown but I will remain humble, not forgetting where I come from.”

Source : Seychelles News Agency

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