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Miss Seychelles’ Children’s Restoration Project starts at Montagne Posée prison

missWork on a children’s playground at the Montagne Posée prison has started.

The playground forms part of Miss Seychelles … Another World 2015 Linne Freminot’s ‘Beauty with a purpose’ project entitled ‘Children’s Restoration Project’. It aims to allow inmates to have more quality time with their children during visiting hours.

The project is being funded by Vijay Construction (PTY) LTD and on Tuesday afternoon Miss Freminot, together with the director of Vijay Construction, Foram Varsani, representatives from the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) and the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), another supporter of the project, as well as the media visited the project site. Prison superintendent Maxime Tirant took them on a tour of the site where ground breaking work started earlier this week.

During the visit Miss Freminot learned of the various tasks that remain to be undertaken before the project is completed.

The construction of the children’s playground at the Montagne Posée prison has been one of Miss Freminot’s greatest dream since she began her reign. She has been knocking on doors to get financial support to have it built before October, so that she can carry the successful realisation of her ‘Beauty with a purpose’ project with her to the Miss World pageant to be held in China later this year.

“My project is all about working with the children whose parents have been incarcerated. Instead of being in closed up area, the children can come and visit their parents in a better environment and friendly atmosphere where they can interact, play with their parents,” Miss Freminot told the press after the site visit.

She also said her long-term goal is to work with the children so that they do not make the same mistakes as their parents.

Miss Freminot also availed of the opportunity to thank SCCI and Vijay Construction for the much needed help they have brought to her project.

Mr Varsani said Vijay Construction always takes great pride in providing help to the community.

“It’s a pleasure to be part of such a project which serves the community,” he added, noting that the playground will soon be completed.

The STB’s chief executive Sherin Naiken also extended her gratitude and appreciation to Vijay Construction for its support to the project.

“I thank Vijay Construction for the wonderful gesture. It is an extraordinary project which will enable men and women incarcerated an opportunity to interact with their beloved young children,” she said.

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