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Museums and National Monuments Board named

meetingThere is a need for the people of Seychelles to recognise the vitality of the museums and monuments and to understand that they are there for our country.

The Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange said this while meeting the members of two newly appointed advisory boards  ̶  the National Monuments Board and the Museums Board.

Attending the two back-to-back meetings held at the Ministry of Tourism & Culture Offices at ESPACE building was the principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose.

Minister St.Ange said it is vital to break away from the perception of seeing the museums and monuments being solely for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The Museums Advisory Board chaired by Marcel Rosalie is made up as follows:-

 Marcel Rosalie (Chairperson)

Bernard Georges, 

Patrick Mathiot, 

Dr Odile Decomarmond, 

Tony Mathiot, 

Alain Lucas,

Cecile Kalebi.  


The National Monuments Board on its part has the following members:-

Marcel Rosalie (Chairperson),

Julienne Barra,

Therese Barbe,

Jacques Koui,

David Chanty-Young,  

Rony Jean.

During the first meeting of these two new Boards with the minister, the members of the two boards commended the approach taken by the ministry, adding that having these new boards shows the importance that Minister St.Ange and his team attach to the various aspects of our culture.

Members of both boards also shared their views and discussed the way forward. Discussions also centred on how to make these vital aspects of our heritage become self-sustainable, especially the museums.

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