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Music students showcase talents in mid-year concert

2studentSome 40 students of the School of Music took part in a concert recently to show what they have learned since the beginning of the year.

A good number of parents, students and sponsors were at the Theatre de Palme, Mont Fleuri to witness the amazing talents of the students.

They displayed a repertoire of the classics — from ‘Cradle Song’ by Robert Schumann, ‘Sonata in B flat’ by Beethoven, to ‘Right here waiting’ by Richard Marx.

The National Conservatoire of Performing Arts (NCPA) annually organises this mid-year concert solely for the students from the School of Music as their year ended when they completed their international exams on July 7 and 8.

3studentMost of the pieces presented were what the students had submitted for the international exams and had been working on for the past two terms.

NCPA also includes students from the School of Dance and Drama.

The concert started off with the guitar class of Francois Victor, followed by the piano class of Jerry Souris and that of Antoine Souris. Then came the violin class of Li Yuxing followed by the woodwind class of Maxwell Pool. The percussion class of Chad Cedras was enjoyed after another guitar class of Francois Victor.

The string class of Luigi Ghaini got to perform before the final deliverance of another guitar class of Francois Victor where various ensembles regaled the audience with pieces such as Y.M.C.A.

Pierre Joseph, the director of the NCPA, said that he was pleased with the performance of the students especially with the ensembles.

4studentHe explained that an ensemble, made up of four to six people playing all at once, is not easy.

“Because the student is working with his own piece while listening to his colleague next to him and looking at the conductor, it’s a case of ‘multitasking’,” he observed.

“I know that nowadays kids are able to fidget with their phone, watch TV, do their homework and eat at the same time but when it comes to music you need to truly be familiar with your piece,” he noted.

The accompanying photographs show some of the students in action during the concert.

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