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Muslims celebrate end of holy month of Ramadan

muslimsA large congregation of muslims in Seychelles gathered at the Stad Popiler early yesterday morning for the traditional Eid ul fitr prayers and worship celebrating the end of 30 days of the holy month of Ramadan from the 354-day muslim calendar.

Seated on the football field in the glow of the early morning sun, the congregation was led into prayers by Maldivian Imam Ahsan Haleem from the Islamic Society of Seychelles.

In his address, Imam Haleem advised the men, women and children who had been fasting for the past 30 days, to continue to pray, protect their tongue, not to desire other people’s belongings, to be more responsible and to stay away from extremism.

“Today is a day of joy and happiness as we celebrate the blessed day of Eid-ul fitr, one of the promised Far’hataan (two joys) as told to us by our beloved prophet Mu’hammad,” he said.

He added that as the obligatory fasting ends, the post Ramadan responsibilities have begun and he urged the followers to live as a better human being from the good lessons taught during Ramadan and to always obey Allah SW.

Imam Haleem reminded the congregation that Islam is against the killings and torture of innocent people by extremists in the name of Islam.

He thanked Allah SW for his blessing for the peace and security in our community.

“Islam not only gives protection to each and every human being regardless of their faith, rather it gives all the living creatures their right to live peacefully. Let’s take the opportunity to say no to extremism, no to khawarij mentality and no to taktiris,” he said.

He asked them to follow three advices from prophet Mu’hammad.

“Firstly, when you stand to pray, pray as if it is your last prayer. Secondly, do not say anything for which you may regret later or have to apologise, and thirdly, do not desire or have hope for those things which you find in the hands of the people”.

“So my dear brothers and sisters, try to remember these golden advices and try to apply them in your daily lives. The first being the perfecting Salah, secondly the controlling of your tongue and thirdly turning one’s gaze away from the possessions of other people,” he explained.

The followers were from the Mohammad Bin Khalifa Al-Nahyan mosque in Victoria and from the Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin zayeb Al Nahyan Masjid mosque of Beaufond Lane.

After the prayer, the congregation wished each other happy Eid Mubarack before gathering for breakfast at the Victoria Mosque and a family fun day at Paradis des Enfants. The celebrations ended in the evening with an Eid dinner for all at the Victoria Mosque.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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