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National Heritage Foundation — Children framing history

The Seychelles Heritage Foundation organized a national heritage award in April last year for children from 6 to 17 years-old grouped in three different categories. The award ceremony was held in April 2014.

Today in collaboration with the Seychelles Heritage Foundation, will be publishing the entries in the form of posters, pictures, collection of artifacts etc that were entered in the competition, every Tuesday.

The winners of the award in the Photography category (ages 14-17) were Elsa Labonte (first prize), Veena Rose (second prize) and Sylvie Nibourette (third prize).

In the drawing category (ages 14-17), the first prize went to Sharyfa Alcindor, second prize to Tariq Sulleman and third prize to

Clara Lepathy. For the school of Mahe “Elite Club Heritage Award”, Photography category (ages 6-9), Heidi Bistoque won the first prize. In the 10-13 year-olds category, Jean Michel Marie won the first prize and Antoine Constance won the second prize.

In the 14-17 age group, Mary Constance and Annadrey Celestine won the first prize, followed by Steve Monnaie (second prize).

In the Drawing category (ages 6-9), the first prize went to Zelka Bistoquet, second prize to Ashaelle Victor and third prize to Naomi Laurence. Ages 10-13 saw Mary Belle as the first prize winner, Trevor Cadeau as second prize winner followed by Esther Barreau. In the 14-17 category, Gino Leon won the first prize, followed by Kerrine Toussaint (second prize) and Guyan Anthony (third prize).

All the entries were original works and were produced during the year 2013/2014. The aim of the award was to “develop an appreciation of Seychelles cultural heritage legacy in schools, to improve the understanding of our heritage through research and other projects, to actively involve schools and the community participation in aspects of cultural heritage, preservation, conservation and promotion and to help in the preservation of Seychelles heritage sites”, says the National Heritage Foundation.



Heidi Bistoque, eight, from Au Cap primary school.

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