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Natural History museum gets air condition units

Beryl Ondiek from the museum said the donation will help boost ventilation on the first floor of the building as the place remains heated during the day making it uncomfortable for the staff and visitors.

“This donation, though small, is big to us as we no longer have to bear the heat from outside during our work hours,” stated Ms Ondiek.

Cecile Kalebi, another representative of the museum, noted that the Save our Seas Foundation and the Natural History museum has had a long lasting partnership.

Abby Marsh from the Save our Seas Foundation said that the organisation is proud of the relationship of the two institutions.

She said the relationship between the two institutions has allowed for the Save our Seas Foundation to conduct certain activities such as meetings and presentations in the Natural History museum and in return the foundation helps the museum in any way needed.

The air conditioning units will make the environment more conducive to learning and exploring for everyone who uses it, she added.
“If we conserve nature, nature conserves us,” stated Ms Marsh, thanking the Natural History museum for its devoted work.

Ms Marsh said she hopes the two institutions retain their partnership in the years to come.

Staff of and visitors to the Natural History museum can expect better comfort now that the institution has received a consignment of air condition units from the Save our Seas Foundation.


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