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New arts agency to help promote local artists

The agency, the brainchild of prominent local artist Colbert Nourrice, who is also the agency’s managing dirctor, aims to create an art business and is open to all art forms and artists.

The agency, baptised ‘Noular Sesel’, was officially launched by the chief executive of the National Arts Council  Jimmy Savy in the presence of the principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose, leader of the opposition in the National Assembly David Pierre, and artists.

According to Mr Nourrice the objectives of the agency is to expose Seychellois artists to regional and international market, to raise and generate its own capital and funds, to create new opportunities to show, sell, record, publish and perform local art forms.

“As an artist I will like to tell all my fellow colleagues that this agency is not only mine but it is for all of us. I wish to welcome all ideas and constructive criticisms so that our agency can move forward. We want the agency to stay so that future artists can benefit too,” Mr Nourrice said.

During the launch ceremony several poets performed a piece of their work and guests were also able to view several local works on display in an exhibition.Copy of DSC_3530

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