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Official opening of Biennale 2017

‘Biennale Art 2017 is a historical and special event for Seychelles’

Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture, Mitcy Larue, has described the Biennale of Contemporary Art Seychelles 2017 as a historical and special event for Seychelles, especially for the arts community.

“It is a great achievement for both our nation and the arts community as it is the result of a long journey by the artists together with the National Arts Council bearing its fruits today,” she said, adding that the art community in Seychelles is a dynamic one with diverse artists expressing themselves in a wide variety of forms, techniques and styles.

Minister Larue was speaking at the official opening of the Biennale Art 2017 at the National Library on Sunday evening.

Apart from the artists themselves, present were Myriam Thelemaque, Minister for Employment,  Immigration and Civil Status; members of the National Assembly and of the diplomatic corps; other guests and art lovers.

“This Biennale will allow artists to work and compete in a convivial atmosphere with their contemporaries from other countries. It is an opportunity to promote and foster arts development in Seychelles both locally and internationally,” said Minister Larue.

She remarked that arts is a billion dollar industry and it is high time that we as a small island state claim our share of this market alongside other countries.

The minister also had words of thanks for participating artists from abroad whom she said also made the event a success.

“The dynamics which exist between local artists and their international peers is the lifeblood of any biennale. And this one is no exception,” she said, adding this Biennale demonstrates the existing range and versatility of arts in Seychelles. And the local artists’ contributions are highly treasured.

Minister Larue has promised the reconvening of such an event in two years’ time.

In his message on the launch, the chief executive of the National Arts Council Jimmy Savy has described the Art Biennale 2017 as a big dream for visual artists in Seychelles and even if it has not been an easy feat, they are all seeing the result of a collective work.

In this day and age where the new frontier in art is being much talked about, he says Biennale 2017 has set up the standard for that frontier.

“For the advancement of art in Seychelles, we need the support of everybody beginning by the artists themselves. We need the cooperation and support of all concerned including government, private sectors to invest in art,” he said.

The biennale Commissioner Nigel Henrie reminded all of the Biennale’s theme which is “In a world of crisis, what can art do?” and thanked all who participated and contributed towards the realisation of the event.

“Without artists we cannot have a biennale,” said Mr Henrie while commending all artists, local and overseas for participating namely from Canada, Australia, Mauritius, Reunion, Zambia and India.

During the launch all artists were rewarded with a copy of a newly launched art catalogue and a certificate of participation from Minister Larue.

The Biennale of Contemporary Art Seychelles 2017 has regrouped twenty local and foreign visual artists with eleven from Seychelles and nine from abroad, namely from Mauritius, Zambia, Reunion island, India.

Before the official opening all artists got the chance to present themselves and their types of work they indulge in through PowerPoint presentations at the Carrefour des Arts.

And to top up the official launch, their various works of arts were displayed in the National Library for all guests to see.

The Biennale will culminate with the Seychelles Arts Awards on Saturday evening at the International Conference Centre. Nominees from nine categories were named also last Sunday evening during a ceremony at Carrefour des Arts. They are from the dance, fashion, film and audio visual, literature, music, music production, photography, theatre and visual arts categories.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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