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Patrick Victor Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree.


(Photo from the Seychelles News Agency)

For the first time Seychelles University award an Honorary Doctorate Degree, well-known local singer/artist/composer Patrick Victor was awarded with such yesterday in a ceremony at the University of Seychelles at Anse Royale.

An honorary degree are awarded to individuals who make notable contributions to society. Distinguished philanthropists, musicians, politicians, authors and scientists often receive acknowledgment for their exemplary accomplishments and achievements that serve a greater good. (Google)

Patrick says that the award compliment the work of Patrick Victor Foundation, Patrick Victor cultural Foundation aims to rekindle love for the Seychellois culture, it brings together people who are passionate about culture. Be it the music, art, dance, history, the Seychellois hospitality and way of life among others.

‘As an artist I feel that the university is sending a message to the society, to show that artist gets recognised and appreciate for what they do. I dedicate this honour to all Seychellois artist. With this award the community of artist in Seychelles proves that there are things we are doing or can do to contribute positively in the country. ‘

Patrick says that with this award he will surely be obliged to be more diplomatic in a way, but that won’t change the man he used to be.’ I am who I am, and that would never change’. I would always be the Patrick who would address something which I find incorrect. I would keep on giving my best in order to contribute positively to my country. ‘He added that’ there is a lot we can do in the society if we all put effort and energy together.’ His next project is a collection of all Patrick Victors songs from 25-30 years ago.

The message Patrick has is’ I hope that the institutions take artist more seriously in every aspect. An artist through their work can contribute a lot in the development of a country. There are people in the society who are willing to contribute morally, physically, for instance artist can cure one soul with their music, it’s just a matter of being recognised, being rewarded for what you do right.’

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