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Pottery artisans received encouragement from Tourism & Culture Minister and seek more convenient selling points in Victoria to showcase their business

potPottery has longed been associated with the art of forming a body clay into objects of a required shape and heating them into high temperature.

A family at Beoliere on Mahe has modernised this art, using the same technique as concrete pillars to make concrete vases, garden tables and stools as well as different decorative items for gardens.

Mr Freddy Cafrine together with his son and wife have built a small family business at their Beoliere house and are reaping immense benefits out of this technique, by supplying locally made garden items to individuals and businesses in the country.

Mr Cafrine, who has acquired about 18 years of experience in cement pottery, said the family’s biggest consignment has been used as part of the landscaping works in Victoria.

Today concrete flower pots found planted on providence area High Way and various areas in towns bears the Cafrine’s Family signature.

“Over the years we have personalised our products. Our clients also provided their own designs and we made sure we deliver quality products’’ said Mr Cafrine.

Mr Cafrine’s son, who has been working in the family’s business for the past five years, has mastered the technique and he is proud of his own achievements.

The mother, who set the prices and take care of the clients’ orders is amazed of the products’ success.

The family does not have a sales point in town. Their pottery and garden furniture products are displayed and sold only at the family’s home. Outside their home, two sheds have been built for the workshop and to display their products.

Client’s good impression shared with friends and families is until now the only marketing tool triggering the business growth.

The Cafrine’s family believes that having a sales point in town will be an added value to their products.

During the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, ongoing door-to-door visits to hotel establishments and cultural sites, the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange, principal secretary for tourism Anne Lafortune, principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose, Sherin Naiken chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board and Jimmy Savy chief executive of the National Arts Council paid a visit to the Cafrine’s business at Beoliere.

The acting district administrator of Port Glaud District Georges Auguste was also present for the visit.

Minister St.Ange said that he was amazed by the quality of the products on display.

“It is important for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to put in the forefront all sectors falling under the umbrella of the ministry and give added value to the work of these artisans. Today what we have seen is part of what we say is the development of culture, arts and crafts’’ said Minister St.Ange. “I encourage our tourism establishments to visit this Beoliere Workshop and to see for themselves what is available in Seychelles at prices that is under many of the imported items presently on the market. We all need to believe in our people and in what has the Made in Seychelles label” the Minister said as he encouraged the Cafrine Family to continue being role models in Seychelles.

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