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Reigning Miss Seychelles… Another World brings valuable baggage back home

Return of Miss SeychellesMiss Seychelles…Another World 2014 Camila Estico described her Miss World experience as an eye opener. She said the experience gained in the Miss World pageant will be passed on to Seychelles Tourism Board to boost up its preparation of future Miss Seychelles…. Another World contestants for the Miss World pageant. Camila returned to Seychelles with a handful of experience which if used wisely can make a great difference in the preparation of the Miss Seychelles… Another World 2015 for the Miss World pageant. After a little over three weeks in London preparing for the Miss World contest, Camila is back in the country. She was welcomed on December 16 at the airport’s VIP Lounge by the Chief Executive of Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Naiken, her father Xavier Estico and her brother. Camila was accompanied on her trip back to Seychelles by the tourism board’s Deputy Chief Executive Nathalie Didon, Camila’s mother and her sister. Camila described her journey in the Miss World pageant as ‘’ a growing experience’’. She said what she was sent to do at Miss World pageant she did it and came out proud of her achievements and for flying high the Seychelles colours. She said one of her greatest achievements was to surf to the quarterfinals of the Miss World talent contest. A great achievement not only for Camila but it brought Seychelles to the ‘’ next height’’ . Camila mentioned one element of the Miss World pageant – The Beauty with a Purpose Project – which she said is very important in this pageant.

You rather go on the competition not just as a pretty face for Seychelles but a pretty face with a purpose, she added.

According to Camila, although her project did not make it to the final, it received duly recognition at Miss World. ‘ Even though my project was good nationally it did not get the attention on a world -wide platform because the social ills faced by Seychelles as an island is not as impacting compared with other countries’’.

She added this should not discourage future Miss Seychelles… Another contestants who will represent our islands at Miss World to put their heart in their project .

Miss World pageant is a good platform which gives visibility to your project. Your project is seen all over the world on Youtube and other social networks. The future Miss Seychelles Another World winners should work passionately on their projects and use the Miss World pageants visibility to showcase them.

For the third Miss Seychelles… Another World pageant, the Seychelles Tourism Board introduced in the pageant ‘Beauty with a Purpose Project and Miss Talent’. Miss Naiken said these elements were vital to give the contestants adequate baggage to compete in the Miss World contest.  She said Camila is one of Seychelles Tourism Board’s success story who carried with her the right  baggage to compete in the Miss World pageant. Miss Naiken congratulated Camila for making Seychelles shine in the pageant.

She showed determination and was driven with the passion to reach greatest heights.

Miss Naiken said Camila’s Miss World experience will be used as a very wise tool by the Seychelles Tourism Board to set the right criteria and quality for the next Miss Seychelles… Another World pageant.

Camila thanked the Seychelles Tourism Board team in London for all their support and echoed special words of thanks goes to Georgina Dhillon, who she described as an ‘ angel’ and met along the way.

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