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Senpa steps up sewing courses to meet increasing demand

senpaThe Small Enterprise Promotion Agency (Senpa) is as from Monday next week starting a new series of sewing courses to meet the increasing needs for sewing skills and techniques among the population.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION yesterday Senpa’s chief executive Penny Belmont said it is through meetings with registered small entrepreneurs and visits in the different communities that the different specific need areas are identified.

At a time when the market is being flooded with ready-made garments, household decorative items for kitchen and bathrooms, surprisingly the need for locally made garments like uniforms and the above mentioned items are increasing as well.

“There is an increasing demand for sewing skills and Senpa has come up with tailored programmes to cater for those demand,” Ms Belmont said.

The training sessions which will run from Monday July 11 to July 15 will cover basic sewing skills and from July 18 to 22 those enrolled will learn or enhance their skills in sewing baby clothes.

Other components of the training will include sewing shorts, trousers, blouses with collars and sleeves, and will end in the first week of October with a session on sewing of household decorative items.

Ms Belmont said the sewn items will be showcased in an exhibition Senpa will host at the end of the year.

She further went on to point out that the instructors conducting the sewing training are local well established small entrepreneurs who are passing on their skills and experiences to their counterparts.

“They have been willing to share their knowledge and skills to others and this is good and encouraging as we do not have to hire foreign instructors,” Ms Belmont said.

Ms Belmont said there are also people in formal employment who are expressing the desire to learn how to sew.

“We are at presently exploring ways to accommodate them on our programmes,” Ms Belmont pointed out.

Source : Seychelles NATION

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