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Seychelles India Day 2015

indiaCapturing Incredible India in Paradise

The Indian Association is launching its second photography competition titled “Incredible India in Paradise”. Photos should be submitted before 25 September 2015.

The third edition of the Seychelles India Day (SID) celebrations will take place from October 2 to 4. The Indian Association of Seychelles is launching its photography competition today – a competition that will go until 25 September 2015 – and the theme of this year’s India Day Image Awards is “Incredible India in Paradise”.

 TODAY spoke to Seychelles India Day’s media executive, D.V Sharma, who said that, “the committee decided to keep the theme as we believe in the continuity and brand building of all activities of Seychelles India Day. Last year, the SID photography committee received a lot of input regarding the theme and finally we decided on ‘Incredible India in Paradise’ which was well appreciated by the members of the SID society. During the first edition, we had to create awareness about the Seychelles India Day Image Award as it was a new concept for everyone that has been added in the SID agenda,” explained Mr Sharma.

Asked what’s unique about this year’s competition, Mr Sharma replied: “With having the same theme, people have a good experience about this image award.

At the same time India and Seychelles are much closer to each other compared to last year, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Seychelles earlier this year and now President Michel visiting India. The committee is hoping to have some exclusive photos of this relationship.” President James Michel leaves today on his third state visit to India at the invitation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The competition is open to professional and amateur photographers, regardless of age, and aims to portray the beauty of India and Seychelles by showcasing people, culture, food, music, dance, sports and anything that relates to the bilateral ties of both nations.

Entrants should submit five original photographs from any category of their choice in JPEG or TIF format on a DVD, external storage or via email. The photos should have a brief description of the captured moment. In addition,

they should be original, meaning that they have not been displayed or exhibited previously and the entrant must hold all applicable rights.

“The vision of the association is to get the people to capture the beauty of the two countries as we all know that there has been an influence of Indian culture in Seychelles,” remarked the SID media executive.

“For me, photography is an art of observation. According to Aaron Siskind [Ed’s note: an American photographer who

emphasized modern ideas], ‘photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything’. It is all about finding something interesting in an ordinary place,” concluded MrSharma.

Last year’s winners were Dillys Karine Pouponeau, Lusanthi Fonseka, Kaviya Sekar and Hamsaleela Senthilkumar.

So grab your camera and capture the moment before it is gone forever, and enter the competition to win exciting prizes.

 Source: TODAy and N. Dennis

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