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Seychelles & Reunion Cultural Troupes put their talents to test

reunionReunion and Seychelles have one common cultural forte. Both islands share the same passion for its traditional dances. When the two talents combine, the result can somehow turn out to be spectacular and this even at evens with improvisation. The Seychelles National Cultural Troupe gave a lavishing performance along with a cultural troupe from Reunion at ‘’ Moca’’, Reunion Cultural Centre.  Jean Francois SITA – Vice President of ‘’ Region – Reunion’’ said Reunion cultural troupe created eight months ago is emblematic for the Island.  “The group showcase the richness and diversity of our Island. They are the cultural ambassador of our country’’.  Mr Sita spoke of Reunion’s participation in forthcoming fifth edition of Carnival International de Victoria 24th -26thApril. ‘’ The participation of Reunion artists in the carnival, created a strong bond between our two Islands’’. Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture said Seychelles have put culture at the heart of its tourism development. “We feel at home in Reunion. Reunion Island had put its culture at the forefront. Seychelles had made one giant leap forward, putting culture at the heart of its development,” concluded Minister St.Ange. During a lunch hosted by Reunion for Minister St.Ange and his delegation the Reunion Cultural Troupe and the Seychelles National Cultural Troupe joined together to dance and perform to the songs from both islands. “Such performances show how close we are culturally” said Minister St.Ange of the Seychelles.

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