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Seychelles Tourism Academy’s new Strategic Plan to be measured on how much the academy achieves

staThe Seychelles Tourism Academy has launched its new Strategic Plan 2015-2019. The Strategic Plan built according to the Seychelles Tourism Academy “strength, achievements and leverages on opportunities made available through the academy’s partners” was launched by Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture.

Minister St.Ange said in his address on the occasion of the launch of the strategic plan that the Seychelles Tourism Academy’s Strategic Plan articulates a firm commitment on the part of management and staff to improve the products and the services offered by the Academy.

In the plan, it is evident that areas of priority are detailed through specific objectives, tasks, targets, deadlines and investments that need to be made. One such area is Human Resource Management, where the focus on training and professional development has been emphasised; the need to develop a comprehensive training policy; and an exercise to determine the training and professional development needs of each member of staff has been planned”

Minister St.Ange said in the strategic plan the issue of succession is also addressed.

There is mention of a robust succession plan to ensure continuity and the inclusion of alternate persons to every succession post. This is commendable on your part and I look forward to hearing from you regarding its implementation.”

The Seychelles Tourism Academy Strategic Plan is set to provide a road map for the next five years.

There is a need for you to invest your limited time, energy and resources in areas that are most likely to distinguish the academy in the coming years. Your focus on local and international partnerships is commendable, but there is a need to strengthen internal and interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork for much can be achieved in this area as well.”

The success of the new Strategic Plan the Minister said will depend on the Academy’s achievements.

Its success will be measured on how much will be achieved, whether the plans and targets you have set for yourselves are realistic, taking into account your present context, whether staff are on board and willing to participate and contribute where needed and whether or not management can muster enough support and resources where those are lacking.”

The new Strategic Plan 2015-2019 was planned by the Seychelles Tourism Academy team in 2014.

A copy was presented to Minister Alain St.Ange by Flavien Joubert, the  Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy during its launching.

In his address Mr Joubert announced that he will present to Minister St.Ange a new scheme of service for the Academy’s staff.

The proposed scheme of service if approved by the Government will become effective as of 2016.

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