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Seychelles Tourism Board thanks tourism trade partners for being key players of Tourism Week

hotelIn the past years, trade partners have always been supportive of the Seychelles Tourism Board’s call to join forces in organising Tourism Week.

This year again, tourism trade partners have played the game, showing government and private sector partnership can also work in organising a national event. Constance Ephelia Resort, one of the leading resorts in sustainable practices, is proposing on September 25th, an open presentation on sustainable practices.

The presentation which will be given by Ultsch-Unrath the resort’s environment project manager will take a look at initiatives implemented at the resort in sustainable tourism and the results achieved in socio- economic and environmental spheres.
The resort will also introduce a mangrove walk and talk with members of Sustainability for Seychelles.

The educational talk will be an opportunity for the resort’s guests to learn more about the importance of protecting Mangrove habitat for future generations.

Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa is opening its food and beverage corner on September 25th for families and friends to join in for a competition and make their own burgers.

The resort is also offering on the same day a special Tourism Week promotion with competitive prices at its spa and wellness centre, and a BBQ special on September 23rd at Gecko Beach Bar.

The resort’s organic fruit, vegetable and herb garden will also be opened to give members of the public an idea on how the resort’s chef make use of organic ingredients in their dishes.

The garden open day will be held on September 25th. Small operators in the tourism industry have also joined in the celebrations. Dolphin Nemo Glass Bottom Boat a fervent supporter of Tourism Week is offering an out of sea excursion promotion on September 27th .
More trade partners are expected in the coming days to join the Tourism Week programme of activities.

The chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Naiken thanked trade partners for their valuable contributions and for rallying alongside the Seychelles Tourism Board to make Tourism Week a success.
She appealed for more trade partners to join in the celebrations.

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